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Sabbatical leaves are designed to encourage faculty professional development and advance Hope’s educational objectives.

The program provides paid leaves as a privilege, not as a routine award for years in service. Faculty members can qualify for sabbatical leave by submitting a written proposal.

Find information on sabbatical leaves in the Faculty Handbook 

Sabbatical Submission Deadlines

  • Applicant submits proposal in electronic format to department chair by September 17, 2019
  • Department chair submits proposal and letter of support to dean by September 24, 2o19
  • Dean submits complete proposal with chair and dean's letter of support to provost (provost@hope.edu) by October 9, 2019
    • Assistants: Submit a single PDF for each applicant with pages in this order:
      1. Dean's letter
      2. Chair's letter
      3. Applicant's proposal
One semester at full salary or academic year at half salary. See the Faculty Handbook for details on benefits during sabbatical leave

Eligible faculty are contacted each year in April to submit applications the following September.

  • Tenure-track faculty are eligible after completing six years (12 semesters) of full-time employment at Hope College — contingent upon being granted tenure by the start of the leave
  • Term faculty are eligible after completing nine years (18 semesters) of full-time employment at Hope College
  • Eligibility for subsequent sabbatical leaves require six years of additional full-time service for tenured faculty and nine years of additional full-time service for term faculty
Proposal Requirements

Each proposal must include these sections:

  • A statement of the purpose and detailed outline of the project
  • An itinerary and detailed timeline for accomplishment of each element of the project
  • A statement of how the success of your project can be evaluated
  • Final report from previous sabbatical (if any) presenting clear and compelling evidence that previous leaves were successful in accomplishing stated goals for research, creative production or service to the college/department/program
  • A letter of support from the department chair including a plan for covering the leave noting any financial considerations
  • A letter of support from the dean

Refer to the Faculty Handbook for additional information.

The Status Committee will review proposals and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their proposals by mid-November.
Final Report
A report must be submitted at the end of the leave providing evidence that the stated objectives were met. Submit electronic copies to the Office of the Provost (provost@hope.edu), your dean and department chair. A final report from any sabbatical leave must be on file in the Provost's office prior to reapplying.