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Academic Integrity

The Hope College community assumes each of its members operates with integrity and honesty, with a sense of personal responsibility, and with mutual trust and respect toward others.

The Code for Academic Integrity clarifies expectations regarding conduct, and establishes a set of procedures for  violations of these expectations.

This form provides a mechanism for faculty to report confirmed violations of this code. Additional guidance may be found below.

REPORT A VIOLATION Code for Academic Integrity at Hope College

Initial Meeting

If a faculty member observes an apparent violation of the code for academic integrity, the faculty member should arrange an informal, private meeting with the student within one week. 

  • At that meeting, the faculty member will discuss his or her suspicion with the student and inform the student of the options and of the student’s right to appeal any action taken by the faculty member.
Matter Resolved
  • If the student has an explanation which is acceptable to the faculty member and no sanction is assigned, the case may be closed with no written record or further action.
  • Communication with the provost office: Not needed.
Matter Unresolved: Sanction Imposed
 If the matter is not resolved, the faculty member may impose a sanction. The penalty imposed should reflect the seriousness of the violation. 
  • Note from provost office: There is flexibility in the sanction selected. The most common sanction chosen by faculty is a zero on the assignment involved. Failure in a course is more typically reserved for students who have violated the code for academic integrity in a course multiple times. Sanctions must be based solely on a faculty member’s direct interaction with the individual student. We cannot share with faculty if a student has a previously recorded instance of plagiarism in another course. We will handle any repeat issues directly with each student.
  • Communication with the provost office: The incident and related sanction must be reported to the provost office within one week of the informal meeting. A copy of the report will automatically be sent to the student via email.
Appeal Process
If a sanction has been imposed and reported to the provost office, the student has the right to file a written appeal (email is acceptable) with a copy to the faculty member. This appeal must be filed within one week after the student receives notification of the sanction. The Provost will then review the incident and resolve it to the satisfaction of both parties or refer it to the Student Standing and Appeals Committee (SSAC).

  • Note from provost office: If no appeal is filed, the provost office will reach out to the student a week after notification. This provides the student with a full seven days to appeal the sanction. The faculty member will be cc’d on the email communication sent from our office after seven days.