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Course and Program Opportunities

Below are some advertised upcoming courses and programs offered through Hope. While all Hope courses are unique and have much to offer, not all courses are listed here. For a full listing of course descriptions, see the Hope College Catalog.

IDS 295

The Second Seminar: Designing a Life That Matters

This course provides an opportunity to better understand oneself and also offers methods of helping students design a meaningful education and future. The course will examine the meaning of vocation and calling in the Christian tradition as well as help students discern their own sense of calling. Students will evaluate various views on key questions of life meaning and purpose from perspectives within the humanities and social sciences, and will also develop a clearer understanding of and commitment to their own skills, interests, strengths and values. Students will leave the course with an academic plan for moving forward in their education and professional future.

POL 295

FALL 2019, 2 credit last-half semester course

This course gives the student hands-on engagement with the United Nations, fostering an appreciation and understanding of the United Nations through actual participation in an international Model UN simulation. Through study and simulation, the student will recognize the reasons for the UN and its various functions, partners and procedures. The role of the United Nations in conflict resolution will be emphasized in class discussion. After preparing to represent a specific country, students will spend November 23–26, 2019, in Chicago with students from around the world! Students will earn credit while traveling, making friends and engaging learning in an active manner. With a broad range of students participating from colleges and universities across the country and globe, Model UN is the perfect blend of intellectual and social. You’re sure to have a good time!  This course fulfills Social Science 2 general education and credits toward a political science minor.  Participating in the course will help you:

  • Boost your resume
  • Keep up with the news
  • Think and learn through new lenses
  • Get international and multicultural exposure
  • Enhance your leadership skills