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Schedule Delivery Methods

Hope is a residential college and most courses are offered in a traditional, face-to-face format. Occasionally, courses may have a different method of instruction. Below are the class teaching type codes/delivery methods and descriptions. You will find them displayed the class schedule (in the Delivery Method field) and on your own class schedule in plus.hope.edu (in the Where field).

Your syllabus will further explain how these methods will play out in each course.


Traditional face-to-face classes will take place with instructors and students in a classroom.

  • Schedule Delivery Method = TRAD
  • Schedule Meeting Time and Location/Where = normally scheduled meeting times and locations

Instructors meet with all of their students at least once per week in a classroom. The remainder of the instruction will be delivered online.

  • Schedule Delivery Method = HYBR1
  • Schedule Meeting Times and Locations/Where
    • One or more meeting day(s) and time(s) with assigned classroom
    • Meeting day and time online (ONLINE SCHED_TIME)

Instructors meet with a portion of their class face-to-face once per week, meeting with the rest of their class face-to-face on other day(s), in a classroom. On days when students are not participating in face-to-face instruction, they will join the class via video conference (online). All students will require access to a computer, tablet or smartphone so that they can participate in video conference connections with students who are participating online for breakout discussions, etc.

  • Schedule Delivery Method = HYBR2
  • Schedule Meeting Time and Location/Where = normally scheduled meeting times and locations

Instruction will be delivered online to all students via video conference, during regularly scheduled class time.

  • Schedule Delivery Method = ONLNS
  • Schedule Meeting Time and Location/Where = ONLINE SCHED_TIME

Online instruction that will not require instructors and students to be present virtually at the exact same time. Instructors will deliver 50 minutes of instructor-led learning per credit hour each week and may interact with students individually at various times.

  • Schedule Delivery Method = ONLNA
  • Schedule Meeting Time and Location/Where = ONLINE FLEX_TIME