Schedule Changes

To make changes after online registration closes, you need permission from the instructors of the courses you want to drop or add. You also need advisor permission, unless you are only changing sections of the same course.


During online registration (registration week), you can drop and add open courses yourself in your KnowHope Plus. After that, changes can be made once the drop/add period begins, following the process listed below.

Please be very aware of drop/add deadlines. Once the deadline has passed, you will only be able to withdraw with a W grade.

Class availability generally shifts after the wait list period, so make sure you check the class schedule for classes that have opened up.

DROP/ADD BEGINS Thursday, April 20
FIRST-HALF COURSES Wednesday, September 6
FULL-SEMESTER COURSES Wednesday, September 6
LAST-HALF COURSES Friday, October 27

For drop/add deadlines for spring 2017, see the academic calendar.


To drop and add classes, you need permission from the instructor(s) and your advisor. You can obtain this one of two ways:

  • Email the instructor(s) and/or your advisor asking explicitly for permission, including which course(s) you want to change. Include the subject, course number and section number. Once you receive all permissions, come to the Registrar’s Office and fill out a drop/add slip. Be prepared to show us the emails by bringing printed copies or pulling them up on your smart phone or one of the office computers. We will then make the changes to your schedule.
  • Come to the Registrar’s Office to obtain a drop/add slip. Fill it out, then bring it to the instructor(s) and/or your advisor to have them sign it. Once the slip is completed, bring it back to our office and we will make the changes to your schedule.

We do not accept forwarded email permissions during the fall and spring semesters. You must complete a drop/add slip and show your emails to staff in the Registrar’s Office.

During the summer only — from the end of the spring semester through the middle of August — you may forward all your email permissions for a course to and we will complete a drop/add slip for you and adjust your schedule.


Withdrawing from a course is different from dropping a course, and it is different than withdrawing completely from Hope. Withdrawing from a course means you no longer attend the course, but you made the decision after the drop/add deadline.

There are times when withdrawing from a course is an appropriate option. For example, sometimes when you’re doing poorly in a course or not able to keep up with the workload, withdrawing is your best option. This can prevent a low grade from affecting your academic record and can allow you to focus on your other courses.


Withdrawing from a course is different than dropping. The course will remain on your record with a W grade. This is a non-penalty grade; it does not affect your GPA. The W grade will always remain on your record, even if you retake the course. One or two W grades are not cause for alarm. However, repeatedly withdrawing from courses may affect graduate school and career opportunities. Talk to your academic advisor and/or potential graduate school.


You do not earn credit for the course from which you withdraw. This may extend the time and cost to finish your degree.


You are still charged for the course from which you withdraw; there is no refund. Your attempted credits for the semester will remain the same, although your earned hours at the end of the semester will be reduced.


Federal regulations require that students make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards the completion of their degree. Withdrawing will affect SAP and possibly jeopardize financial aid in future terms. Students who fall behind in their coursework, fail to achieve minimum GPA standards and/or fail the completion of classes risk losing their eligibility for federal and state financial aid. It may also affect external and Hope College scholarships, grants and/or loans. Talk to Financial Aid about how withdrawing from a course affects your personal financial aid package.

  • Check with your course instructor and/or advisor about alternatives to withdrawing.
  • Visit the Academic Success Center to learn about:
    • Tutoring
    • Academic advising and coaching
    • Supplemental instruction
    • General study skills
    • Study skills tutoring
  • Check with Financial Aid about aid in future terms.
  • If you are an athlete, talk to Athletics about how withdrawing may affect your athletic eligibility.
  1. Get permission from the course instructor and your advisor. Permissions may be via email or signatures on a drop/add slip.
  2. Bring all approvals to the Registrar’s Office. We only process withdrawals in person.
  3. Be aware of deadlines on the Academic Calendar for withdrawing from a course.


Information about changing a course to pass/fail is available on the grading policy page.


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