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Summer Registration

Summer terms include May Term, June Term and July Term. Each term is four weeks long.

Registration for summer terms will be available for currently enrolled degree-seeking students who are not graduating in May, and, for deposit-paid non-degree-seeking students.

View the course offerings and course delivery method/instructional mode on the schedule of courses.

All holds must be resolved before you can register. Because course content is condensed into four weeks, the maximum number of credits that may be taken in any term is six.


If you are a currently enrolled degree seeking student and have not applied to graduate this May, you will be able to register starting January 31, 2022. You will be sent an email on soon with more details.

If you are readmitting to Hope for a summer term, you can register when registration opens and your deposit is paid. The Registrar's Office will contact you after Admissions processes your deposit.

If you are a non-degree-seeking student and you have paid a deposit for a summer term, you will be contacted separately by the Registrar’s Office about registration. Non-degree-seeking registration begins on March 7, 2022.

  • Degree-seeking students register in plus.hope.edu beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, January 31.
  • Non-degree-seeking students register with the Registrar’s Office beginning Monday, March 7. If you have applied and paid a deposit, we will contact you directly about registration.
  • If you applied to graduate this May and have decided to push back your graduation date so you can take a summer class and apply it to your degree, email the Registrar's Office.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for registration deadline dates, the last day to withdraw for a 50% refund, and the last day to withdraw for no refund.
  • Instructions for registering in plus.hope.edu are available on our website. You do not need a registration PIN to register for summer classes.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis. There are no wait lists for summer classes.
  • You don’t need permission to add an open course during the registration period.
  • You do need permission to add a closed course. Email the instructor asking for permission to add. Once you have permission, fill out the Schedule Change Form. You can upload your email permission to the form, or forward it to dropadd@hope.edu. Once we receive your request and all required permissions, we will process it and email you a confirmation within 12 business days.
  • You do need permission for a course that is flagged PERMISSION on the schedule or that has certain restrictions you would like to override — prerequisites, corequisites, declared major/minor or class standing. Contact the instructor of the course and request they fill out the Course Override Form on your behalf. Our office will process the request and email you a confirmation.
  • You don’t need permission to drop a course through plus.hope.edu, as long as you do it before the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, you can only withdraw for a W grade according to course withdrawal guidelines.


To get started with participating in a summer off-campus program, visit the off-campus program website. There, you can search for programs by location, name, term and more.

When using the Simple Search, select "May/June - both" in the Term field to see results only for Vienna Summer School. Select "May" or "June" in the Term field to return results for all summer programs for the selected term.