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Transcripts and Verifications

If you need to provide information to a third party about your Hope College record, you can request your transcript or an enrollment or degree verification.

Insurance companies, lenders, employers and other organizations may request information about your attendance at college, your coursework or your degree.

Your transcript is the official documentation of your record at Hope College and contains confidential information about your courses, grades and GPA.

Verifications of enrollment or degree certify only your current enrollment status, dates of attendance and conferred degrees. Typically these types of verifications do not provide any confidential information about you or your school work.

If you have graduated, a transcript or degree verification is usually sufficient documentation for organizations within the U.S. If you are making an application to a country outside the U.S. and need additional documentation, read more below and then email the Registrar’s Office with details.

Notary and Apostille Services

Notary services for transcripts and diplomas are available through the Registrar's Office by appointment only. Contact Kristen Kernstock to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can contact your local bank branch or Cameron Butler or Holli Overbeek in Business Services. Additionally, the State of Michigan has a notary public search tool here.

  • A valid photo ID (e.g., driver's license or passport) is required for all signing parties.
  • Do not sign your documents prior to your appointment. Handwritten signatures must be witnessed.

The State of Michigan Apostille can be provided upon request via email to the Registrar’s Office. This service typically takes a bit longer (sometimes a week or more) because Registrar’s Office staff needs to travel to a Secretary of State SuperCenter to have it done.

There is no fee for notary services or the apostille; however, additional diplomas (beyond the one we issued you at graduation) or expedited shipping will incur a fee.

For general information about notary, apostille and true-copy authentication documents, please refer to the Michigan Secretary of State.