/ Sustainability

Green Team

The Hope Green Team is built upon the Christian mission that our responsibility is to manage the Earth in a way that is fruitful to the present and is dedicated to safeguarding our resources for future generations.

Our sustainability committee brings together students, faculty and staff from departments and offices all around campus. This helps to ensure a wide exposure to new ideas and application of sustainable practices around the college.  

2021–2022 Green Team

Faculty and Staff

2021–2022 Student Interns Hope Advocates for Sustainability

  • Carter Mullins, co-president
  • Tracy Westra, co-president
  • Ashley Wrobel, conservation
  • Devin White, conservation
  • Christian Lundy, cottages & apartments
  • Tsion Weldetsadik. environmental justice
  • Kathryn Kalthoff, events
  • Natalie Hammer, events
  • Elie Jankowski, marketing and communication
  • Megan Raisch, residential halls
  • Lili Fraser-Shade, waste
  • William Diephuis, waste

2021–2022 Green Hope – Student Club Co-Presidents

  • Sarah Pelyhes