for students beginning the pre-nursing program


First Year

Biol 103

Introduction to Cell Biology (4cr)

Bio222/Kin 200

Human Anatomy (4 cr) *or previous fall

Bio222/Kin 200 Human Anatomy (4 cr) *or next spring Chem 103 Introduction to Biological Chemistry (4 cr)
    Kin 208 Nutrition (3 cr)
Second Year
Biol 221 Human Physiology (4 cr) Biol 231 Biology of Microorganisms (4 cr)
Nurs 210 Intro to Professional Nursing (2 cr) Nurs 260 Pharmacology (3 cr)‡
Nurs 255 Health Assessment (2 cr) Nurs 222 Basic Skills - 1st half semester (1 cr)
    Nurs 242 Adv. Skills - 2nd half semester (1 cr)

‡Also offered as an 8-week summer course


Students must have completed one natural science course and be enrolled in or have completed one additional natural science course when they apply for admission.
Students must complete or be enrolled in at least one social science course when they apply for admission:
Sociology 101 - Sociology and Social Problems
Psychology 100 - Introduction to Psychology
Psychology 230 - Developmental Psychology


Additional Information

  1. All applicants to the Nursing program must first be accepted into Hope College. A secondary admission to the Nursing major is required.
  2. Nursing majors earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) and have modified general education requirements.
  3. The major is highly sequenced. The science courses listed above are offered ONLY in those semesters; most have prerequisites. The nursing major courses are focused primarily in clinical settings, so students need to complete these courses in a timely way.
  4. The nursing major has selective admission. Students apply in spring semester of their first year or fall semester of their second and must meet these criteria:
    - must have completed one of the required natural science courses and be enrolled in or have completed one additional required natural science course.
    - must have completed or be enrolled in one of the required social science courses.
    - must have earned a minimum grade of C in each course listed above.
    - must have a minimum cumulative (overall) GPA of 3.2.
  5. Some students who intend health professions change direction and decide to pursue nursing. Please refer students to the nursing department chair person for appropriate course selection.
  6. Laboratory science courses are typically not offered at Hope during summer terms. It is possible for students to transfer courses from other colleges; approval is needed from the department which teaches the course at Hope, and from Hope’s Nursing Department Chairperson.
  7. If students want to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts/Science in another field, they must complete requirements for both general education curricula.