/ Nursing Department

Nursing Program Admissions


  • Fall semester admission: February 1
  • Spring semester admission: October 1

Program Requirements to Apply

  • Complete 12 credits at Hope College (required for transfer students; recommended for other students)
  • Have a minimum 3.2 GPA at Hope College at the end of the semester prior to appplication
  • Receive a minimum grade of C (2.0) in all prerequisite or nursing courses (minimum grade of B (3.0) for preaccepted students)
  • Complete one required natural science course
  • At the time of application, be enrolled in or have successfully completed an additional prerequisite natural science course
  • At the time of application, be enrolled in or have successfully completed a prerequisite social science course
  • Do NOT  withdraw from or receive less than a C in more than one prerequisite course
  • Follow all instructions found in "Directions for Application" below
Step-By-Step Directions for Application

Our program requirements are very specific; be sure to follow each one carefully and in numerical order. If you have any questions during your application process, please contact our department by phone at 616.395.7420 or email at nursing@hope.edu.

  • All applicants must be accepted to Hope College and be in good standing.
  • Application materials submitted after February 1 or October 1 will not be accepted.  Students will resubmit the following semester.
  1. Print or type all requested information on the Student Admission Application Form.
  2. Request transcripts from the Hope College Registrar's Office for student pickup. 
  3. Hand deliver both the completed Student Admission Application Form and the transcripts to the office manager of the nursing department in A. Paul Schaap room 1112. Do not place these in any mailbox.
  4. Request references from two professionals (non-family) using the Hope College Student Reference FormOne reference must be a recent Hope professor. References will be submitted directly to the nursing department in a sealed envelope.
  5. If approved by the office manager of the nursing department, register for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Instructions will be provided to you at the time you hand deliver your application form and transcripts to the office manager.
  6. Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) and write an essay in a proctored environment at Hope College. Pre-accepted students do not need to write the essay or complete the TEAS.
  7. If a required prerequisite course has been taken at a college other than Hope, have the official transcripts sent directly to the Hope College nursing department.
  8. Students will receive a response regarding acceptance into the nursing major prior to registration for the following semester.
Transfer Student Application

Transfer students must complete 12 credits at Hope College before applying to the Nursing Program. One of the Hope courses must be Bio 103, Bio 221, Bio 222, Bio 231 or Chem 103. If all of these courses were completed by transfer credit, then NURS 260 or NURS 320 must be completed prior to being considered for admission into the nursing major.

The number of transfer students will be limited to 10% per semester/year, based on the admission process and the discretion of the Student Admission and Progression Committee.

The Department of Nursing reserves the right to determine Hope prerequisite and nursing courses which may be substituted by transfer courses and to designate additional courses which are needed for completion of the nursing major. In addition to the requirements listed above, transfer student should complete the following:

  • Arrange to have official transcripts of all college credits sent directly to the Hope College Department of Nursing.
  • Submit a detailed course description and outline for each baccalaureate nursing course completed.
  • If transferring from another nursing program, request two references from nursing faculty in the prior baccalaureate program. The reference form should be returned in a sealed envelope.
  • Meet with the Hope nursing department chairperson prior to application.
For purposes of admission into the nursing program, a student will no longer be considered a transfer student after they have completed two full time semesters at Hope College.
Guidelines for Selection
  1. Preference is given to students who complete a minimum of 12 credits at Hope College prior to being considered for admission to the nursing program.
  2. Students returning to Hope after 10 years will be evaluated based on most recent GPA (minimum of 12 credits).
  3. Any nursing course older than two years at the time of admission/transfer into the nursing major will not be accepted for credit and will need to be retaken.
  4. Consideration is given to the following factors identified in the student essay and professional reference forms:
    1. Critical thinking: goal directed, creative, utilize a problem solving process
    2. Caring
    3. Communication: demonstrates effective speaking, writing and listening skills
    4. Leadership and additional strengths and attributes (for example, dedication, honesty, integrity, organization, respectfulness, value-based, accountable and emotional maturity).
  5. The number of admissions to the nursing program per year is limited. Consideration is be given to:
    1. Cumulative grade point average
    2. Grade point average in prerequisite courses
    3. ACT and SAT scores
    4. TEAS (pre-nursing exam) score
    5. Essay
    6. References
    7. Mid-term grades
    8. Achievement in individual courses
  6. Acceptance into the nursing program and continuation in the nursing program is contingent on passing a criminal background check and drug screening and may be jeopardized by a previous or new HIPAA violation or inability to meet clinical agency requirements for functional abilities.
  7. All documents submitted as part of the application process are the property of the Hope College Department of Nursing and will be kept strictly confidential.
Guidelines for Reapplication
  1. If the initial application is less than one year old, the student is required to only complete the application form indicating the new admission semester. Submission of new references and/or TEAS/student essay will be optional.
  2. If the initial application is more than one year old, the student will be required to complete the entire application process which would include a new application, two new references, and a new essay.
  3. Reapplicants may request to meet with a member of the Student Admission and Progression Committee.
  4. Applicants may take the TEAS only one time per semester.  The TEAS may be retaken only one time.