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Off-Campus Study

Yes, you can have an off-campus study experience and major in nursing! Start planning early to make sure the experience you want fits into your plan of study.

Step 1: What are your goals for off-campus study?
There are many reasons to study off-campus as a nursing student. Some reasons may relate to developing skills or knowledge that will help you in your future career. Other reasons may be more personal. What you are looking to get from your experience can impact where, how long, and what program you choose. Take some time to consider why you want to study off-campus. 
Step 2: Where do you want to go?

The Center for Global Engagement’s page has information on all the off-campus programs with which Hope College participates. The Center for Global Engagement also has people with whom you can speak about different opportunities — both advisors and students who have studied off campus (peer advisors).  

Explore available opportunities 

Step 3: Look at your plan of study.

If you want to spend a semester abroad, the easiest time in the nursing degree plan of study is sophomore year. The types of classes to take off campus would be general education requirements. At this point in time, there are no off-campus options for completing nursing clinical rotations. If you are willing to extend graduation for a semester or take summer classes, you may have additional options – including fitting in a semester off campus into your junior or senior year. Please speak with your advisor or the nursing department’s global champion. 

Sample Plans of Study 

Can’t fit a full semester off campus into your plan of study? Personal growth and cultural skills can be developed even in experiences as short as one week. If your plan of study looks full or you are a junior/senior who does not want to extend your time at Hope beyond four years, consider a May, June or summer term. Even these experiences can be included on a resume. 

Step 4: Look at funding.

Semester programs are eligible for financial aid. Learn more at the Financial Aid website. If you have specific questions, please email finaid@hope.edu.

Scholarship opportunities may be available for semester and shorter-term programs.

Information about off-campus scholarships 

Step 5: Decide on a program and apply.

Each program has application requirements and may have a specific application deadline. Please note this information when choosing your program, and be sure to set reminders so you complete the application on time.

Important: You will also need to complete an application with the Center for Global Engagement.

Center for Global Engagement application