/ Computer Science Department

Python Art Competition

All Hope College students are invited to participate in the Python Turtle Art Contest sponsored by the Department of Computer Science. The only prerequisite is that you know enough programming to be able to write a program in Python using the Turtle module to do your drawing (and there is a lot of documentation online about both!).

Entrants will show off their creation(s) at the Python Turtle Art Showcase from 11–11:50 a.m. There will be prizes based on popular vote as well as a juried selection.

If you plan on participating, please send an email to Dr. Cusack so he has an idea of how many entries there will be.

To get started working with Python/Turtle, go to this page.

The contest was inspired by Dr. Cusack's recent sabbatical during which he explored the creation of digital art using Python Turtle. Feel free to check out his art page for some inspiration, but don't limit yourself by his ideas. Use your imagination and experience to create whatever you desire.

We hope you decide to participate in this unique opportunity!

Note: Entrants will need to bring their laptop to the showcase so they can show their work. If you do not have one, talk with Dr. Cusack ahead of time so he can get you a loaner machine.