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Upcoming Courses

Here are the courses planned for the 2022–23 through 2025–26 academic years. 

Fall 2022

The following 2 courses will also be offered:

  • Loading... will be offered as a 2 credit, 1st half semester course. This course will focus on learning how to access data stored in relational databases using the SQL language.

    If you are a Computer Science major, you should take Loading... , as Databases for Data Science is primarily intended for non-majors and minors.


  • Loading... will be offered as a 1 credit full semester course. This course will introduce you to the command line: a quick and powerful text-based interface built into all major operating systems. You will learn command line syntax and be able to write shell scripts that drive this text-based interface. You will work with the command line on MacOS, Linux, and Windows, with lots of practicing and time for experimentation.  
Spring 2023

The following course will also be offered:

  • CSCI 295, Mastering Git, will be offered as a 1 credit, full semester course.

    Have you been exposed to Git but are still mystified by what git add, git commit, git push, and git pull do? Do you throw up your hands in frustration whenever a conflict occurs? Not sure what a branch is and when you should create one? This course will explore all these concepts and more in a hands-on environment, with lots of low stakes opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • CSCI 295, Web Technologies will be a 4 credit, full semester course.

    Students taking the Introduction to Web Technologies course will be introduced to basic concepts and technologies in the World Wide Web and will design and implement web interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and responsive (to the screen size of the device) using HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. While working on a semester-long web development project, students will utilize databases in web applications which will be developed using server-side technologies. Students will also be introduced to the jQuery framework which can be used to extend JavaScript and also  expands available functionality in web development. The basic principles of web security will also be introduced and students will gain experience with consumption of web services to enhance their web applications.
Fall 2023

Due to staffing considerations for 2023–24, CSCI 336 (Computer and Network Security) will be offered in Spring ’24 instead of Fall ’23.

Spring 2024

Due to staffing considerations for 2023-24, CSCI 354 (Operating Systems) will be offered in Fall ’23 instead of Spring ’24.

Fall 2024
Spring 2025
Fall 2025
Spring 2026