/ Environmental Studies

Off-Campus Study

Environmental Studies students are invited to study off campus as part of their degree program.

Environmental Studies studies have studied environmental issues in other countries, including Iceland (through the Center for Ecological Living and Learning) and Germany.

More and more study abroad programs offer environmental courses, and we encourage students to take advantage of them.

Featured Course

Ecological Theology and Ethics in New York

This course is a study of:

  • The nature and causes of current ecological degradation
  • The witness of Christian scripture and tradition concerning matters ecological
  • The duties and responsibilities of humans as earth keepers
  • The practical implications of living in a more earth-friendly way

This is an off-campus course combining traditional academic study with a wilderness backpacking, canoeing and kayaking trip. Participants will learn wilderness camping skills and develop their leadership ability in addition to examining issues in the area of ecological theology and ethics.

We spend the first two days in class at Hope and then drive to Camp Fowler in the Adirondacks. After one day of whitewater rafting the Hudson River and another day preparing for our expedition, we spend the next eight days canoeing and kayaking and backpacking in two different wilderness areas. We return to Camp Fowler for a day or two after the expedition, and then drive back to Hope for four days of class on campus. After those first three weeks, students return home to write their papers, which are due the last day of May Term.

There are no airplane flights, no visas needed, no housing except tents and hammocks, and no fancy restaurants but lots of good food and many great vistas and a dozen or so wonderful friends.

More Information

Find more information, including dates, costs and registration, visit travel.hope.edu.