/ Phelps Scholars Program


Go beyond Hope with activities designed to broaden your perspective.

Semimonthly Meetings

The entire Phelps Scholars cohort meets once each month to explore themes of thriving as individuals and members of a community. They do this together at retreats, workshops and talks that engage topics such as community building, college student success, well-being, professional development, resilience and global learning. They also have the opportunity to network with upperclassmen, build relationships with faculty and staff, and may attend other diversity-related events on campus.

Day Trips

Phelps Scholars travel on day trips to a variety of destinations, including:

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Traditional Native American pow wow
  • Dearborn, Michigan: The Arab-American National Museum
  • Holland, Michigan: Spanish-speaking church service and discussion with local immigrant-rights advocates
  • Detroit, Michigan: The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
  • Chicago, Illinois: Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown
  • Farmington Hills, Michigan: Zekelman Holocaust Memorial Center

Trips are offered three times each semester. Students are required to attend one trip of their choice during the fall and spring semesters; all others are optional but encouraged as schedules permit. Trip costs are fully covered by the Phelps Scholars Program.

Our field trips served as a real-world experience for learning about other cultures.”