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Alpha Epsilon Delta

Hope's Michigan Beta chapter of AED invites all students interested in a career in healthcare to attend our meetings and get involved.

We aim to provide a setting in which students with a passion for healthcare can get to know one another while listening to relevent speakers, volunteering in the community and supporting each other in our preparations for the future.

To get involved, email aed@hope.edu or Marikay Dobbins.


The below article was written by Hope AED members and appeared in the fall 2016 issue of The Scalpel.

The Michigan Beta chapter at Hope College grew dramatically this past spring as we welcomed 31 new members. Everyone is looking forward to a new year of service to the surrounding community.

We have developed a mentoring program over the past year that has provided a great opportunity for members to get involved and meet new people. The mentoring program consists of upperclassmen, typically junior or senior members, serving as mentors for the underclassmen, typically freshman or sophomore students. Underclassmen interested in a particular health profession are paired with a mentor in that same pre-professional field. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet with their counterpart many times throughout the semester to address any questions the underclassman has, as well as get to know each other on a more personal level. Events are also held throughout the semester that allow for mentors and their mentees to socialize with other participants in the program. Although the program is still relatively new, a lot of positive feedback has been coming from both the mentors and the mentees. We are constantly improving the program as participants suggest ways to make it better.

We have also reached out to many local charities and community organizations for amazing service opportunities. Our community partners this semester include the Holland Free Health Clinic, Appledorn Assisted Living Center, and Holland Hospital. We also have opportunities to provide meals to families in need, as well as spend an afternoon with children with disabilities to provide a break for their parents.

We look forward to the annual 5k fundraiser for the Holland Free Health Clinic in October, seminars from area professionals, and Relay for Life, among other events this fall.