Refund Request Form

Please provide us the following information in order to receive a refund of the credit balance on your student account. Sign and return the form to Business Services.

-OR -

Email request to (Include your choice to pick up check or mail AND read important notes below.)

Name (Please Print): _______________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________


Signed: _________________________________________________

Hope ID/Account #_______________________________________

Date of Birth _____/_____/_____


_____ I will pick up my check

_____ Please send my check to the following address:






 Important items to note:


If you have a Parent PLUS loan on your account, the check will be made payable to the parent who borrowed the loan funds.

A request must be received by Thursday at noon in order for a check to be processed on Friday.

Return this form to Business Services, PO Box 9000 Holland, MI 49422-9000. Thank you.