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  • SHELTER IN PLACE  involves staying in a secure location and NOT evacuating.

            DO NOT sound the fire alarm.


  • Immediately secure yourself and others in your area in a room by locking the doors if possible and barricade the door with available objects.
  • Lock and cover windows.  Turn off lights and studio equipment.  Stay away from windows.  Move to a location in the room on the same wall as the door at the opposite end, which is not visible to someone looking through the door.  Everyone should be on the ground if gunshots are heard.  Take adequate cover (i.e. concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets).  
  • Students and staff in hallways must proceed immediately to a classroom or an office.  If a classroom or office door is locked look for the next closest unlocked room to take shelter in.  
  • Stay out of open areas and be as quiet as possible.  Silence cell phones.  Do no use cell phones except for emergency notification of pertinent information to Campus Safety at 616.395.7770. 
  • Keep classrooms and other places of refuge secure until police arrive and give you directions.