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INVEST Retirement Plan

1)      After one year of employment, you (if age 23+) will be eligible for the College contribution of 10.5% to a 403b account on your behalf.  (Human Resources will contact you directly 30-45 days prior to your eligibility date to outline the enrollment process of this benefit.) 

 2)     Upon hire, or at anytime during your employment, you are also eligible to participate to our retirement plan through voluntary pre-tax or post-tax (ROTH) payroll contributions.  

Transamerica (the record keeper of Hope College's INVEST plan) offers an enrollment kit designed to aid you in your selection process.  We also recommend consulting a financial planner if you require additional information in making this important election.

NOTE: Each calendar year the IRS offers a maximum allowable voluntary contribution, please view 403(b) Voluntary Maximums for these limits.

The Hope College Retirement Plan Summary Description is available for your review/files.

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