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Culture, Commerce and Criticism

500 years of European and American prints from the Kruizenga Art Museum

January 12–May 19, 2018

"Samson and the Lion" by Albrecht DurerCulture, Commerce and Criticism explores how artists in Western culture have used prints over the past five centuries as vehicles to transmit knowledge, generate income and critique current events. The exhibition features fifty works of art ranging in date from the early 1500s to the early 2000s and includes works by many notable artists, including Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt van Rijn, William Hogarth, Francisco Goya, James McNeil Whistler, Kathe Kollwitz, Salvador Dali, Helen Frankenthaler, Barbara Kruger and Kara Walker. The content and presentation of the exhibition was developed in collaboration with Professor Anne Heath and the students in her Art 361 seminar.

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