/ Awakening

Code of Conduct

This policy information is for participants living in a Hope College residence hall during the Awakening Institute Gathering.


  • Interact with others in a positive and supportive attitude
  • Show mutual respect and consideration for one another
  • Your residence hall is made up of people with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles
  • Awakening staff will help you build community with the other Awakening participants


  • Students enrolled in summer programs may not enter any residence halls except Phelps Hall
  • College students (other than those working in the Awakening Gathering) are prohibited from visiting the residence halls of program participants

Alcohol, drugs and gatherings

  • Students may not possess or consume alcohol on the campus
  • The use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescribed medications is also prohibited
  • Violations will result in removal from the residence hall and the Awakening program, without a refund
  • No alcohol is allowed in the resident halls at any time throughout the summer


  • Smoking is prohibited on campus and in all areas of the residence halls
  • The burning of incense and candles is prohibited

Room Entry

  • The College reserves the right to enter rooms without a search warrant for the purpose of maintenance, security, discipline and the orderly operation of an educational institution

Quiet Hours

  • Each program participant has a right to an atmosphere helpful for sleep beginning at 10 p.m. every evening
  • Activities that violate quiet hours include shouting, yelling or talking on cell phones in the hallways, a gathering of residents in a room that can be heard in the hallway, loud TV or music, and any other activity that disturbs others
  • Residents should be courteous of each other’s needs and must immediately cease any noise or activity that is disturbing someone else, regardless of the time


  • All students enrolled in Awakening must be in their assigned residence halls by 10 p.m.
  • All students must be in their assigned rooms with lights out by 11 p.m. each night

Personal Conduct

  • Hope College is a Christian college and expects program participants to exemplify the standards of Christian morality in their lives
  • Any activity that offends these standards will lead to removal from the residence hall and the Awakening program, without a refund


  • All maintenance issues should be reported to the Awakening staff


  • Any theft or unauthorized possession of college or personal property is prohibited
  • Student program participants vandalizing the college’s or another’s property will be removed from the residence hall and the Awakening program, without a refund


  • Athletic activity of any kind (basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, wresting, Frisbee throwing, rollerblading, lacrosse, etc.) is absolutely prohibited in the corridors or hallways


  • The possession or use of any form of fireworks or weapons is prohibited
  • A program participant using or possessing any form of fireworks or weapons will be removed from the residence hall and the Awakening program, without a refund

Key Cards

  • Key cards are each resident’s responsibility
  • Key cards must remain on the resident’s lanyard at all times
  • Lost key cards compromise the safety of all residents and should be reported immediately to the hall staff
  • The fine for a lost key is $25 for replacement