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Dining Plans

Hope College Dining Services strives to offer convenient dining plans that comforts everyone's needs.

Change your meal plan 

Academic year 2021–2022

Unlimited+ Plan

Enjoy a meal or snack when you need it, as often as you need it! This is the ultimate convenience option for busy students.

Available to all students. Appeals to those with full schedules, athletes and anyone who prefers to eat smaller, more frequent meals.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited meal swipes at Phelps and Cook Dining
  • Daily snack at Kletz Market or Cup & Chaucer 
  • Popcorn or candy and a fountain beverage at concessions
  • $75 Dining Dollars
  • Eight guest passes per semester

Build-Your-Own Plans

Choose between a traditional 21, 15 or 10 meals per week plan. 

Available to all students. Appeals to those who wish to enjoy fewer meals in the dining halls, instead choosing to eat out or in their residence area. 

Benefits Include:

  • Up to four meal swipes per day at Phelps and Cook Dining
  • Dining Dollars
    • $50 with 21 Plan
    • $75 with 15 Plan
    • $100 with 10 Plan
  • Two guest passes per semester 

On-Your-Own Plan

A plan for the student who still wants the convenience and variety of having a few meals per week, plus several extra bonuses inluding grocery delivery.

Available to students living in cottages, apartments or off-campus. Appeals to those who want to do their own cooking, and would like enjoy a few meals each week with the Hope community in a dining hall.

Benefits Include:

  • Seven meal swipes per week and up to four meals swipes per day at Phelps and Cook Dining
  • Daily snack at Kletz Market or Cup & Chaucer
  • Popcorn or candy and a fountain beverage at concessions
  • $200 Dining Dollars
  • Eight guest passes per semester
  • $50 Hope-Geneva Bookstore coupon
  • Shipt grocery delivery subscription ($95 value)

To change your meal plan, or to view costs (board rates) visit Business Services.

Additional Meal Plan Options

Breakfast Club

Choose to enhance you meal plan or purchase as a stand alone package. A convenient option for breakfast on-the-go, or for studens who enjoy breakfast in their room.

Available to all students, faculty and staff.

Benefits Include:
  • Available Monday–Friday from the Kletz Market
  • Enjoy breakfast in your room or on-the-go
  • Select up to 10 Breakfast Club menu items per week
    • Pick up all at once
    • Choose items throughout the week
  • Rotational menu consisting of fruit, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, baked goods, V8 smoothies, etc.

Beverage Club

Enjoy the bonus of convenient all-day beverage options without paying retail prices.

Available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Benefits Include:
  • Select up to 10 Beverage Club drink items per week
  • Available Sunday–Saturday
    • Kletz Market
    • Cup and Chaucer
    • Concessions
  • Rotational menu consisting of fountain drinks, soy milk, almond milk, Bubly, 12 oz lattes, etc.

Sick Meals

Sick Meals is a program designed to assist students who are unable to eat at Cook Dining or Phelps dining halls due to illness.

To place an order
  1. Take a look at the menu
  2. Send your student ID with a friend to pick up your meal at Cook or Phelps dining halls
  3. The hostess will provide a foam to-go box for your meal

Contact us at 616.395.7930 or dining@hope.edu if you have any questions.

Dining Payment Methods

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are a balance on your student ID that may be used at any residential or retail dining location. It’s a fast and secure way to pay for your meals or extra snacks!

Meal Plan Dining Dollars
Unlimited+ Plan $75
Build your own plan - 21 Meals $50
Build your own plan - 15 Meals $75
Build your own plan - 10 Meals $100
On-your-Own Plan $200
Add Funds to your Dining Dollar Account
  1. Stop by the Dining Services office with your credit or debit card
  2. Drop off a check or money order at the Dining Services office
  3. Download the GET Mobile App, login, then tap accounts to add funds
  4. Contact Business Services, and have it added to your account
  5. Go to plus.hope.edu, and log into your student e-bill, then add money via credit card or bank routing number