/ Dining Services

Fall 2020 FAQs

Where may I use my meal plan?
  • Meal plan swipes may be used at Phelps and Cook Dining Halls and at the Anchors Away food truck located in the Pine Grove.
  • Dining Dollars may be used at the Kletz Market, Cup and Chaucer, Phelps Dining Hall, Cook Dining Hall, and Anchors Away!.
Where do I enter/exit the dining hall?
You may enter at Phelps North (10th Street), or Maas East (Columbia Ave.) entrances and exit through Phelps North or Maas West (toward Lubbers Hall).
Do I have to wear a mask in the dining hall?
Only while you’re collecting your food and walking around. You may remove your mask while seated in the dining room at a table.
How many meals may I take?
Currently you may take one main entree which includes a vegetable and starch item. You may also add a salad, fruit and sandwich (or any combination thereof) along with a beverage and dessert to your meal selections.
May I go back up for seconds?
Yes, if you are in the dining hall, you can return directly to the serving line to do so. If you have left the dining hall and want seconds, please ask for a manager when you reach the host station. 
Where may I sit and eat my food?
You may dine inside at Cook, Phelps or the Kletz Market or take advantage of two large tents outside of the Cook Dining Hall or in the Keppel House parking lot.
Am I allowed to re-enter the dining room?
Yes, if you have to use the restroom, please let the host know you are leaving temporarily.
What if the weather is bad and the serving lines extend outside?
Students need to come prepared for inclement weather by bringing a raincoat or umbrella. Lines coming into the dining halls are moving very quickly and as everyone gets used to our system, they will move even more quickly. We offer continual dining from 7:30 a.m. until midnight across campus during the week so you can choose a less busy time. 
Am I allowed to take a meal to my friend who is quarantined or isolated?
For students who are provided quarantine or isolation housing outside of their normal residence, meals are provided by the Dine At Hope team.
What if my roommate is sick (not COVID-related) and needs food, can I bring them food?
Yes, you may bring their ID to the dining hall and ask for a to-go container to bring them a meal (beverage and plasticware included).
What further updates have been implemented since students have returned to campus? 

We are so thankful for the feedback we have received from our students.  Due to this feedback, we have implemented the following:  

  • Salads and sandwiches are now Grab & Go to facilitate speedy service
  • Rather than pre-portion meals, we are now building meals according to the portion sizes students want
  • We have reopened The Zone allergen sensitive concept station
  • We have added drink holders to make it easy to carry more than one
  • Cook dining room has been remodeled and is much brighter
  • The Kletz Market will be expanding their menu to include hot sandwiches and pizza
  • Cup & Chaucer is now offering many Grab & Go items and accepts Dining Dollars