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Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I use my meal plan?
  • Meal plan swipes may be used at Phelps and Cook Dining Halls. 

  • Dining Dollars may be used at the Kletz Market, Cup and Chaucer, Concessions, Knick Theatre, Phelps Dining Hall and Cook Dining Hall.

    Students who pay with Dining Dollars will receive 10% off of their purchase. Download the GET Mobile app for on the go purchases at Kletz Market.
Where do I enter/exit the dining hall?
  • Phelps Dining Hall entrances and exits are located on 10th Street and Columbia Ave. (Maas entrance). 

  • Cook Dining Hall entrances and exits are located on 10th Street and 9th Street (link between Cook Hall & Haworth Hotel).
What are Dining Dollars, and how do I use them?

Dining Dollars are a balance on your student ID that may be used at any residential or retail dining location including Kletz Market, Cup and Chaucer, Concessions, the Knickerbocker Theatre, Phelps Dining Hall and Cook Dining Hall.

Students who pay with Dining Dollars will receive 10% off of their purchase. It's a fast way to pay for your meals or extra snacks!

Meal Plan Dining Dollars
Unlimited+ Plan $75
Build your own plan - 21 Meals $50
Build your own plan - 15 Meals $75
Build your own plan - 10 Meals $100
On-your-Own Plan $200

Add Funds to Your Dining Dollar Account

  1. Download the GET Mobile App, login, then tap accounts to add funds
  2. Stop by the Dining Services office with your credit or debit card
  3. Drop off a check or money order at the Dining Services office
  4. Contact Business Services, and have it added to your account
  5. Go to plus.hope.edu, and log into your student e-bill, then add money via credit card or bank routing number
Is there a mobile app to order meals online?

Yes, our GET Mobile ordering app allows you to order in advance or on the go at Kletz Market; add funds and check account balance all through your mobile device. Get started below!

How many meals may I take?

Phelps Dining Hall & Cook Dining Hall are All You Care To Eat locations. While dining, you may return to the service lines as often as you'd like. Dine At Hope encourages good eating habits and offers a wide variety of nutritious and fulfilling menu options daily. 

Where may I sit and eat my food?
You may dine inside at Phelps Dining Hall, Cook Dining Hall or the Kletz Market or take advantage of outdoor areas throughout campus.
Am I allowed to re-enter the dining room?

Phelps Dining Hall and Cook Dining Hall: Yes, if you have to use the restroom, please let the host know you are leaving temporarily. If you have finished your meal and wish to return after leaving, you will be required to use an additional meal swipe.

What if the weather is bad and the serving lines extend outside?
Students need to come prepared for inclement weather by utilizing a raincoat or umbrella. Lines into the dining halls move quickly and as everyone gets used to our system, they will become more efficient. We offer continual dining from 7:30–12 a.m. across campus locations.
If I'm sick and hungry, how may I get food?

Sick Meals is a program designed to assist students who are unable to eat at Cook Dining or Phelps dining halls due to illness.

To Place an Order

  1. Take a look at the menu
  2. Send your student ID with a friend to pick up your meal at Cook or Phelps dining halls
  3. The hostess will provide a foam to-go box for your meal

Contact us at 616.395.7930 or dining@hope.edu if you have any questions.

If my roommate is sick and hungry, may I bring food to them?

Yes, you may bring their ID to the dining hall and ask for a to-go container for their meal, beverage and plasticware.

What further updates have been implemented since removing COVID-19 restrictions?

Dine At Hope is committed to your safety while dining in any one of our facilities.  As of July 5, 2021, Hope College Dining Services has removed all COVID-19 dining restrictions and is now operating at full capacity.

Hope College Dining Services strives to provide the best possible experience for our students, guests and alumni. That is our commitment to YOU!