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Dietary Needs

Eating and sharing what happened during a day over a meal is important to all of us.

For students that have food allergies and/or special diets this is even more the case as eating may have an element of risk.  For this reason, we take each student that has a food allergy or special diet seriously as we desire them to have the same experience as every other student. Hope College Dining works to listen to every student and seeks to prepare and serve every meal with care and safety while providing students time to build relationships together.

If you have allergies or special dietary needs:

1. contact your Food Service Director (616.395.7841)

2. sit with the Executive Chef to discuss your food plan

Having a simple conversation at the beginning of an academic semester to state your needs, ask questions and troubleshoot different situations is critical for developing a safe and nutritional meal plan. The Executive Chef can take you into the kitchen to share with you how recipes are followed and the food is prepared. 

3. learn and understand the food allergen icons

We have established a set of allergy icons that will identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. There are eight icons:

  •   contains egg
  •   contains fish
  •   contains wheat
  •   contains milk
  •   contains peanuts
  •   contains shellfish
  •   contains soy
  •   contains tree nuts

A ninth icon indicates that a food item is vegan:  

These icons will be placed on food item identification monitors so that all will be aware. 

4. Entrée names are key to safe eating

Many of the items that will be served as entrees may have the allergen mentioned in the name, which is key for you to read and understand.

5. When in doubt, ask

Our goal is to provide each student an exceptional dining experience in all aspects. We welcome the opportunity to make this your place to flourish.

6. Fill out allergen and special dietary awareness form:



Allergen-related questions, comments or concerns