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Just to keep things running smoothly.

Weddings in Hope College's Dimnent Memorial Chapel are reserved for Hope College faculty and staff and their immediate family members, students and alumni during the summer season from mid-May through mid-August.

Hope College is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, but the chapel is open to persons of all faiths and denominations. Hope College's affiliation with its founding denomination only allows wedding ceremonies on campus that are consistent with the standards of the RCA's Order for Christian Marriage, a "coming together in the presence of God" that is part of the Liturgy of the RCA. These standards include the definition of marriage as a "joyful covenanting between a man and a woman." 

We require that you confirm the chapel one year prior to the wedding date. One wedding can be scheduled on Friday evening, and two weddings can be scheduled on Saturdays, with your choice of a mid-day or evening block. Fill out our inquiry form or contact the Events and Conferences Office to reserve your spot for next summer.
You'll be able to use the facility for an hour rehearsal and four consecutive hours for the ceremony. This includes set-up, the ceremony and the breakdown. To maximize the wedding experience for all parties using the chapel, we also do not allow an extension on this time.
You'll need to provide a non-refundable initial payment of 50% of the rental fee that can be remitted with the signed contract. The remainder is due 60 days prior to your wedding day. The rental fee for 2020 is $1,300.
You'll probably need a place to get ready, so we provide you with two classrooms in the basement of the chapel, which include a dressing room with fans, mirrors, tables and chairs. 
Handicap parking spaces are located in the vicinity of the chapel. The chapel has elevator access through the front entrance.
One of our awesome student assistants will be assigned to your wedding to ensure that the facility is open and all your basic A/V and setup needs are met. All technical and setup needs must be confirmed one month prior to the wedding with the Events and Conferences Office.
You're welcome to have someone to play the Pel's Van Leeuwen Organ in the balcony of the chapel, the Skinner Organ on the stage or the 6' Yamaha Grand Piano. We also have a CD Player available in the balcony if you'd prefer that. Chairs, stands and stools for musicians are available upon request, and we advise that they come and practice during your scheduled rehearsal. 
Find out more about also having your wedding reception and rehearsal dinner at Hope.
You'll need to provide your own florist, who will be able to access to the chapel at the same time the wedding party does. There is an air-conditioned room in the chapel to keep flowers cool, but placing them in the basement with a fan has worked just as well.