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HASP offers remote delivery of courses via Zoom in our HASP virtual classroom in addition to limited-enrollment, in-person courses. You must be a HASP member to participate in our courses and be registered. The registration link is sent to members or can be obtained by contacting the HASP office at hasp@hope.edu.

From our beginning in 1988, the Hope Academy of Senior Professionals has worked to “foster good listening, learning, reading, sharing and the pleasure of discussion” for a growing and loyal membership. Not even a global pandemic can stop this from continuing.

The life of HASP and our commitment to provide lifelong learning opportunities for our members continues in new ways. This website includes instructions on how to access courses and a collection of resources and lifelong learning content that will allow you to continue to be an involved member from the safety of your home.

You can help make the online experience a bit less impersonal and help us get to know you by uploading your name and picture to Zoom!

Written instructions 

Video instructions 

As always, if you have ideas, questions or concerns, please contact Kim Mendels at mendels@hope.edu, or hasp@hope.edu.

Live and Recorded Events

There is a variety of recorded lectures, classes and monthly programs available to you at our HASP YouTube Channel. You can also explore Hope College on YouTube for additional content.

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Training and Support

Our HASP Virtual Classroom for online meetings, lectures and classes will take place using Zoom, a leader in modern video communication.

Please feel free to join the virtual classroom at any time during these sessions for tips and troubleshooting on how to have the best Zoom experience on your device. Simply join by entering the HASP Virtual Classroom at these times.

You can personalize your online appearance by uploading your name and picture to Zoom with these easy to follow written and video instructions. 

Upcoming Live Events

The following events are scheduled to take place as part of our seasonal programming. HASP members can join by entering the HASP Virtual Classroom at the posted times in your curriculum catalog.

Event Calendar

Important Dates



10:45 RESERVED: 270



11:00 CLASSROOM RESERVED: Special Events Committee
HASP Classroom



2:30 HASPY Hour
HASP Office



9:30 Holiday Gardens: A Season of Floral Celebrations
Windmill Island Gardens, 1 Lincoln Ave, Holland, MI 49423, USA



1:00 The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Apple Inc.



1:00 A Song of Ice and Fire: The 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine



12:00 HASP Office CLOSED



9:30 The Dutch Art Of Money



9:30 How to Live to Be 100

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