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Communicating to Campus

Use these self-serve tools to get your message to the Hope College community.


inHope is the college intranet, accessible only to faculty, staff and students.

Along with Hope Daily, inHope is one of our primary ways of communicating to large internal audiences.

General inHope announcements can be submitted through the form, and will remain on the site for three days by default. Contact inhope@hope.edu with questions.


Events Calendar

Post your event to the campus calendar with the following process and promotion tips.

  1. Begin by making your campus room reservation through EMS (events.hope.edu). Here you can request catering, AV, video services, a specific setup, etc.


  2. In EMS, select Yes when asked if you would like this event to display on the Hope College public calendar. Include any descriptive text that should appear on the web in the “Event Details” section of the room reservation.

  3. Approved events typically appear on the campus calendar in 1–2 business days.


  • Add your event to the calendar early for maximum visibility.
  • List all of your events on the calendar, even if attendance is not open to the public. If your event is invite-only, however, do not make your calendar listing accessible to the public.
  • Each event has a unique web address that can be shared on social media or linked in an email.
  • Promote your event by emailing a custom photo to calendar@hope.edu.
  • List your official off-campus event or events that span multiple days or locations by contacting calendar@hope.edu for details.


  • For assistance with room reservations, contact the Events and Conferences Office (events@hope.edu, 616.395.7222).
  • Questions about the campus calendar or edits to events that are already published should be sent to Public Affairs and Marketing (calendar@hope.edu, 616.395.7860).

Learn more about the Events Calendar 

Hope Daily

Hope Daily is the official email distribution system of the college. Along with inHope, Hope Daily is one of our primary ways of communicating to large internal audiences.


  • Should be related to Hope events or to members of the Hope community
  • Must come from a current faculty or staff member (@hope.edu)
  • Submissions received by 3 p.m. each weekday will be distributed on the following business day unless specified otherwise

Complete the Hope Daily Submission form linked on inHope to add your news item to Hope Daily.

How to Submit an Item to Hope Daily

  1. Visit inHope, hover over Resources and click the link for the Hope Daily Submissions form.
  2. Complete the fields in the form:
    • Primary/secondary name
    • Primary/secondary email address
    • Department/program name
    • Headline (80 characters maximum)
    • Announcement or news item (400 characters maximum)
    • Web link for more information (optional)
      • Press release
      • Calendar item
      • Blog post
      • Google doc or shared file in Drive
      • Web page
    • Date on which you would like to have your information shared in “Hope Daily” (if other than the next business day)
  3. Click Submit

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Information submitted by 3 p.m. will be distributed in Hope Daily on the next business day unless specified otherwise.

Emailing Students

This Week at Hope

“This Week at Hope” content should be directly related to Hope College student news and events only. This can include announcements, opportunities, policy deadlines and Student Congress updates.

Information shared in “This Week at Hope” must come from current Hope College official student group email accounts (e.g., congress@hope.edu), faculty or staff members (e.g., group advisors).

“This Week at Hope” is only sent during the academic year.

Student mail manager

To contact specific groups of students (rather than the entire student body) via email, use student mail manager through the Registrar’s Office.

Digital Signs

Our campus has over 50 digital signs, which are a great way to get the word out about your department's announcement or event.

Digital Signage Information

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