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Event Promotion

We’re happy to help you in promote your events and activities on campus.

This checklist should serve as a general guideline of potential opportunities for event promotion. Not all suggestions on this checklist will be necessary for all events — your specific needs should be based on the scope and goals for your event. We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss specifics or talk through your event plans.

Most Events Need

 Reserve your space

Reserve a room in EMS, if necessary. Don’t forget to plan for audio-visual, live stream, catering, and other needs as necessary. Need help? Contact events@hope.edu.

 Get it on the campus calendar

Submit your event details to the calendar, or check the box when reserving your room in EMS. Don’t forget to email more details to calendar@hope.edu!

Announce it on InHope

Submit an announcement to inHope.

 Is your website up to date?

Consider updating your site so that it’s current for new visitors. Need help? Contact our web content manager

Some Events Need

 TV Screens

Request help designing your screen from Creative Services, or submit a .png or .jpg file to appear on screens in the dining halls and Bultman Student Center. 

 Hope Daily email to faculty and staff

Submit a short but detailed message to Hope Daily. But before you do, review the Hope Daily guidelines.

 “This Week at Hope” email to Students

Submit a short but detailed mesage to “This Week at Hope.” But before you do, review the “This Week at Hope” guidelines.

 Get Social!

Don’t forget to promote the event on your department’s social media accounts (or your own). You can also request social media promotion on Hope’s accounts or schedule a consultation with our social media manager.

Few Events Need

 Posters, programs and postcards

Print projects like this should be talked through with Creative Services

 Is it open to the external community?

Contact Media Services for public-facing events if you think a press release is appropriate. 

 Go big with a banner or signs

Larger events may require signage or large-format banners and printing. We encourage you to talk with Creative Services about your needs.

 Photo and Video

We can help you find a photographer or videographer for your event.