/ Residential Life and Housing

Mission, Values and Guiding Principles

The Office of Residential Life strives to create residential communities where students can:

  • Flourish to meet their human potential
  • Recognize, embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of all people
  • Foster holistic personal development
  • Actively engage and support Hope’s mission of academic excellence grounded in the historic Christian faith

We anchor our mission in the values of:

  • Belonging
  • Love
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Growth

In enacting this mission and these values, we want to instill the following principles in the Residential Life and Education staff, residents and our communities.

Make Hope A Home (Belonging)

We try to make our communities places where all can belong. We want each resident to feel valued and understood as their full self. While this is on all of us, this will be easier for some more than others.

See Something, Say Something (Love)

Because we care about people and our communities, when we see something that isn’t right (worrisome behavior, inappropriate comment, policy violation, etc.), we say something. You are encouraged to look out for your community’s best interest; when something feels off, say/do something about it.

Everyone Has Their Stuff (Dignity)

We all have experiences and beliefs that shape us and make us who we are. This is our “stuff.” Our stuff informs our perceptions, understandings, actions and responses. Remember this: Suspend judgment, seek to understand and honor everyone’s “stuff.”

Think Beyond Yourself (Respect)

All people and places have value. Consider the people around you, their perspectives and what they may need. Additionally, acknowledge the spaces you inhabit and shape as you live in this community.

Try/Do (Growth)

Living in community requires action. There will be times you are uncomfortable and don’t know what to do. We need to have the courage to step into the unknown (seek help if needed) and try something. Even if you don’t like the way it went, you can learn from it.