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Summer Housing

For students who are living on-campus for the summer, there is information below regarding spring to summer transitional housing, the check in/check out process, and the summer to fall transitional housing process.

Students can view your summer housing assignment and roommate/housemates in your Hope Housing Portal.  You will find this information on your main page, under Assignments/Summer Term 2023.

Hope Housing Portal 

Spring to Summer Transitional Housing

From Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 19, students will live in Transitional Housing in Kollen Hall. As Physical Plant cleans the summer housing spaces, you will be contacted and able to move to your Summer Housing Assignment. This could be earlier than Friday, May 19, but expect to be in Kollen for that entire time. We know that it is inconvenient to move twice, but Transitional Housing is necessary to give Physical Plant time to prepare our summer housing spaces.

Moving to your Summer Housing Assignment

For students in Transitional Housing: Once your permanent summer housing residence is clean, we will contact you with instructions for moving. This email will contain the necessary information to access your summer housing unit, links to the Summer Check-In and Room/Cottage/Apartment Condition Form and the Summer Housing Agreement.  Within a few days of your arrival, your summer RA will meet with you to discuss living expectations. They will help you agree to the cleaning process, item sharing, communication expectations, etc.

For students who are not in Transitional Housing: When moving into housing after Friday, May 12, there are a few things you will need to know:

  • The code for your permanent Summer Housing will be in your Hope Housing Portal account 24 hours prior to your arrival on campus. We will assume that you are moving in on the day you have registered to begin your summer housing.
  • You will need to complete a Summer Check-In Form within 24 hours of moving into your summer housing. This form will be emailed to you.
  • Most of the people living in your cottage or apartment will be moving in around the same time. With in a few days of your arrival, your summer RA will reach out. They will help you agree to the cleaning process, item sharing, communication expectations, etc.

Moving Out of Summer Housing

The week prior to your contract end date, you will be e-mailed checkout information. This communication will outline your check out process, cleaning expectations, and damage assessment and billing.

Fall Transitional Housing

If you are living with us all summer, there will also be Transitional Housing in Kollen as we clean the cottages for the start of the academic year. You will move to Transitional Housing on Sunday, August 6. You will be able to move to your permanent academic housing by Thursday, August 17. 


Keep in mind that billing runs from Saturday-Friday. You will receive your summer housing bill the second week of May, with the rates found here. If your summer housing dates are different than those listed above, please email housing@hope.edu immediately. 

If you are receiving a housing credit, you will be charged 100%, then Business Services will apply your housing credit once they have verified your on-campus employment (typically happens after your first summer paycheck). 

summer housing costs

For summer housing and meal plan costs, please visit the Business Services website.

2023 Summer Room Rates

  • Residence halls: $160 per week (May Term/Transitional Housing only)
  • Apartments and cottages: $170 per week

Summer housing is billed from Saturday to 7 p.m. Friday, with no partial-week billings. 

summer Board RATES

Students may choose either of the following options for meals in the dining hall.  Note: the meal plan option is for May Term only (May 8–June 2).

2023 May Term Meal PLan Options

Meal plans are only available May 8–June 2 and billed by the week!

  • 14 Meal Plan: $175 per week 
  • 10 Meal Plan: $150 per week

Summer student meal rates

For students who wish to pay per meal and not be on a meal plan

  • Breakfast: $6.50 per meal
  • Lunch: $8 per meal
  • Dinner: $9.50 per meal

policies and process

  • All Hope College policies in effect during the school year are also in effect during the summer months.
  • Summer housing is based on double occupancy. This includes transitional housing.
  • Students with approved housing accommodations will have their accommodation met for summer housing as well. 
  • Students will receiving instructions for check-in and check-out when they receive their housing assignment. 
  • Students taking a May Term only or are working an on-campus job for the month of May only will be housed in a residence hall. Students have the option to be on a meal plan for May Term or to purchase meals as needed from the dining hall.
  • To accommodate for cleaning and turnover from the academic year to summer housing, students will be asked to live in a transitional housing location during the week of May 8–19 and again August 6–17 when we transition to fall semester housing (dates subject to change).