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Residential Life Staff

Below you will find a brief description of our Residential Life and Education professional and student staff roles. We’re here to help you understand the housing process and figure out how to live well together.

Housing Assignments

The housing coordinator manages the housing assignment process. She makes assignments for incoming students, oversees the returning student room draw and apartment application process, and confirmes any room changes approved by Residential Life staff.  The housing coordinator works closely with the associate dean of students, who oversees this process, makes housing policy exceptions and works closely with the Office of Disability and Accessibility Resources for housing accomodations.

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Associate Dean for Residential Life & Education

The associate dean is responsible for the daily operations, direction and vision of the Residential Life and Education program. She supervises the assistant director and the residential life coordinators and has oversight of the resident directors and student staff.

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Assistant Director

The assistant director (AD) provides leadership and oversight to the cottage and apartment system. He is responsible for the supervison of the neighborhood coordinators who directly supervise the resident assistants in the cottages and aparrtments.  

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Residential Life Coordinators

The residential life coordinators (RLCs) are full-time, master's degree-level, professional staff. These individuals live in a residence hall of over 200 students and are responsible for the supervision of the resident assistants and residential community. They also supervise two–four resident directors and give support to the residents and resident assistants of these communities.

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Resident Director

Resident directors (RDs) are part-time, bachelor's degree-level, professional staff. These individuals live in a residence hall of 35–150 studens and are responsible for supervision of the resident assistants and residential community.

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Student Assistant Resident Director
Student assistant resident directors (SARDs) are experienced resident assistants (RA) who live and work in our larger residence halls with the residential life coordinators (RLCs). SARDs have direct oversite of a small group of residents and help the RLC supervise the RA staff and aid in the overall functioning of the residence hall.
Neighborhood Coordinator
Neighborhood coordiators (NCs) are experienced resident assistants (RAs) living in college-owned cottages and apartments. They are the RA for the unit in which they live and supervise approximately eight RAs in nearby (neighboring) cottages and apartments. 
Resident Assistants
Resident assistants (RAs) are student staff members who live in the residence halls, cottages or apartments. In residence halls, there are one or two RAs per floor or cluster overseeing approximately 30 residents. In cottages, there is one RA per cottage overseeing anywhere from 3–17 residents. In apartments, there are one or two RAs per apartment complex that oversee all the units and residents within the complex. RAs are the resident's primary point person within Hope College housing. They have been trained on conflict resolution, mediation, listening skills, community development and policy enforcement, as well as Hope and Holland community resources. RAs are primarily concerned with the safety and security of residents and the development of community.

Associate Dean for Residential Life & Education

Assistant Director

Residential Life Coordinators

Resident Directors