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RA Selection

Resident Assistants (RAs) are paraprofessional, live-in members of the Residential Life staff.  

RAs are students who live and work in our halls, cottages and apartments, and they are the foundation of our communities. The main function of an RA is support their residents in many aspects of their wellbeing and to help develop and build their community. RAs work under the direction of a Residential Life Coordinator (RLC), Resident Director (RD) or Neighborhood Coordinator (NC).

Currently, we have over 160 RAs that serve approximately 2,400 on-campus residents. Each residential hall, floor, wing, cottage and apartment has a resident assistant living in or overseeing and leading the community. 


The RA role comes with many responsibilities and learning opportunites but also great benefits, including:


The Board of Trustees sets RA remuneration rates in January for the following academic year. We anticipate the 2024–25 rates to come in the form of a housing credit:

  • Hall RAs: Typically receive around 95% of a double room rate for first-year RAs
  • Cottage/Apartment RAs: Typically receive around 38% of a double room rate, and around 45–50% for supervision over mulitple units (dependent on the number of units and/or residents)

The Office of Financial Aid is informed of RA remuneration, so it is possible that remuneration may affect an RA’s financial aid package. Please call or email the Office of Financial Aid at 616.395.7765 or finaid@hope.edu for more details.

Leadership Development

The RA role is a very visible leadership position on campus, and the Residential Life professional staff invest time and resources into developing the RAs as people, students and leaders. 

RAs receive training that can be used beyond the RA role with skills such as conflict management/mediation, crisis response, diversity and inclusion, event planning and programming. Many hiring managers tell us that they love hiring RAs due to their extensive experience and training.

Community Involvement

RAs connect regularly with a wide range of students, other RAs and Residential Life professional staff through one-on-one interactions or to plan community engagement programming or training. With each of these interactions RAs help to shape their community, which in turn shapes the culture of the entire campus. 

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The RA position is a student leadership position within Residential Life and Housing.  The ideal candidate would be a currently enrolled student with residential community living experience who maintains at least 8 credits per semester and a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and is in good judicial standing with the college. Quality candidates will have a committment to personal integrity, desire to serve members of their peer group and engage in professional development through required and scheduled training opportunities.

To learn more about the positions, view the following job descriptions below or contact your RLC or RD.  

Note that job descriptions are reviewed yearly and subject to change. Additional questions regarding the positions can be directed to your RLC or RD or by emailing raselection@hope.edu

2024–2025 Application Process

Each application process is outlined and explained below. If you have questions about the RA selection please email raselection@hope.edu.

New Resident Assistant Application Process

The New Resident Assistant application is available — apply today! 

How to apply
Applications will be available on the Residential Life website on December 4. In the application you will be asked to idenitify whether you would like to be considered for an Resident Assistant position in a hall, a cottage/apartment, or both.  The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will ask you to upload an updated resume for our staff to review.

What you can expect after submitting your application
You will receive an email directing you to sign up for an individual interview. These interviews will take place January 16–19, 2024 (location to be determined). Your individual interview will last approximately 30 minutes and will be with a Residence Life professional staff member (resident director, residential life coordinator or assistant director) and a student staff member (resident assistant, neighborhood coordinator or student assistant resident director).  

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, we will be hosting our group process. The group process will give us an opportunity to view how you work in a brand-new team, what qualities shine through in various activities. You will be in a group of 10–13 applicants and process through 3–4 different challenges. The entire group process will take about 90 minutes from check-in to completion. Please ensure that you reserve this time as we will only be able to make accommodations for those students that are studying abroad or athletes that may have games/meets.

Decision notifications will be emailed to students in early February.

Returning Resident Assistant Reappointment Process

The Returning Resident Assistant Reappointment Application will open on January 5 and will close on January 10, 2024.

While this process is later than in years past, we ask that resident assistants interested in returning for next academic year begin having conversations with their supervisor during their evaluation in December.

How to reapply
All 2023–2024 Resident Assistants will be emailed a Google form for reappointment on January 5.

Returning Resident Assistant offers will be emailed on January 15, 2024 and a decision to accept or decline are due by January 19, 2024.

Student Leadership Team Application Process

The Student Leadership Team Application will open on November 20 and will close on December 4, 2023.

How to apply
All 2023–2024 resident assistants will be emailed to Google form application on November 20.

Individual interviews will be scheduled the December 13–15 and held in Cook Hall. Please note this is exam week. More details will be emailed to those who apply.  

Student Leadership Team offers will be emailed on December 21, 2023, and a decision to accept or decline are due by January 8, 2024.