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Getting Started

We have resources to support your proposal preparation and submission at all stages.

Step 1: Develop Your Idea

Use the proposal planning worksheet if you're looking to gather initial thoughts and ideas. It serves as a helpful place to start when searching for potential sponsors.

Find additional resources to assist in developing your idea 

Step 2: Find a sponsor/program

The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains a list of internal and external funding identification tools.

Find internal and external funding sources 

Step 3: Complete an Early Notification Form
The Early Notification Form initiates the internal review and approval process for the preparation and submission of external proposals at Hope College. All principal investigators/project directors must submit an Early Notification Form for each proposal submission.    
Step 4: Develop the scientific or programmatic content 
Principal investigators/project directors are primarily responsible for developing the scientific or programmatic content of their proposals. The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (ORSP) maintains a list of proposal development resources to assist with the development proposal submissions.  
Step 5: Develop your proposal budget and document cost-share
Contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs for assistance with developing proposal budgets and cost-share commitments. Data for proposal budgets is available through the proposal data factsheet. All cost-share commitments will require review and approval from your department chair, dean and/or source of the cost-share commitment.  
Step 6: Submit Your Draft Proposal and Budget to ORSP

Hope College has a 7/5 day proposal submission policy for all external proposals.  Proposals drafts (the scientific or programmatic sections of a proposal and budget) must be submitted to ORSP at least seven business days prior to the sponsor deadline to allow for department and division review and approval.  

Applicants may continue to work on their proposal during the review process.  

Step 7: Refine and edit your proposal
The Office of Sponsored Programs provides support for proposal editing and review; contact the director to discuss the timeline for these services. Principal investigator/project directors are also encouraged to seek feedback from their colleagues on the scientific or programmatic content of their proposals.  
Step 8: Complete final sponsor compliance requirements 

A number of sponsors require principal investigators/project directors to complete certain compliance requirements prior to proposal submission. If a proposal includes subawards, additional information will be needed from subrecipients prior to proposal submission. 

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs assists principal investigators/project directors in navigating the myriad of sponsor regulations governing the submission of proposals.  

Step 9: Submit your proposal

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs maintains institutional registrations with electronic sponsor submissions systems (such as FastLane, Grants.gov, eRA Commons, etc.). Support is available to principal investigators/project directors in navigating these systems and uploading proposal components.  

All proposals to external sponsors require the review and approval by the director of Sponsored Research and Programs, as that individual serves as an authorized institutional official for grants and contracts (see Hope College's Authorized Institutional Official Documentation). Proposals not reviewed and approved prior to submission may be withdrawn from review.