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Degree Programs

Our department offers a major and minor in communication. Our degree combines theory and practice, and our electives allow you to tailor the program to your interests.

In keeping with Hope’s robust liberal arts tradition, we prepare our students for an ever-evolving global society and workplace. 

Communication majors learn how to create and share meaning for the common good. They go on to excel in various fields, ranging from public relations to law. Our students tend to be curious and self-directed, so our program is designed to equip you with enduring life skills that are applicable to a range of careers.

Gain valuable skills
As a communication major, you will learn to think and listen critically, develop cultural competency, apply theory, understand and organize vast amounts of information, and communicate with clarity, precision and persuasiveness in multiple contexts. You’ll learn to conduct research, collaborate and lead. And you’ll graduate with real-world experience through an internship. Society changes all the time, but these skills will always be relevant and valuable.
Tailor your degree to your interests
This major is really what you make it — getting a degree in communication prepares you with transferable skills and the ability to conduct research. In addition, our state-of-the art facilities can help you develop your media production and digital skills. We encourage you to work with your advisor to create a plan that fits your goals.
Join a nationally recognized program
Our curriculum has been recognized as outstanding by the National Communication Association and twice named a “Program of Excellence” by the Central States Communication Association.

Degree Programs 

Double Majors

Make this degree your own by pairing your communication major with knowledge and skills from other disciplines. You can combine communication with a major in business, political science, psychology, sociology/social work, English, religion, art, theater or computer science to name just a few. The possibilities are endless!

Program Outcomes

Hope College students completing a Communication degree will:

  • Know and apply major theories and approaches used within communication discipline
  • Understand and use communication research methods to engage in communication inquiry
  • Be prepared to communicate effectively in professional contexts