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London May Term

Immerse yourself in British culture for a transformative, off-campus experience. 

This interdisciplinary course explores the economy, culture, politics and management practices of the British along with their values and attitudes toward business. The London May Term (a 40+ year program) utilizes an experiential-based learning environment that includes seminars with business and community leaders, site visits and numerous cultural activities conducted in and around London. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow while surrounded by a small, supportive community of Hope faculty and peers.


Enroll for either a college senior seminar (IDS 495), or business/economics elective course (BUS/ECON 358).

  • BUS/ECON 358 (Management in the British Economy) will focus on differences in business mindset, practices and cultural norms between the U.S. and the U.K. The primary aim of this elective is to provide you with a framework to compare how the economy, working life, management, politics and business practices beyond people management function similarly and differently across the two countries. The overarching aim is for you to generate a framework for comparing any culture to the U.S.; with the expectation that this will serve you well as your career progresses at home or abroad.
  • IDS 495 (Senior Seminar) class will focus on some of the key questions that Christians have wrestled with about market economies, particularly those dealing with work and consumerism. The goal of the class will be for each student to think and write about their own vocation in light of the economic pitfalls we examine together.


  • Participate in pre-travel class meetings, starting in late February
  • Visit a rich variety of businesses and other organizations across multiple industries and sectors
  • Undertake relevant individual and team-based projects (on the ground)
  • Attend seminar-style class sessions in the heart of the city
  • Write and present openly and creatively about your experiences


  • Explore one of the most contemporary, historical and diverse cities in the world
  • Enjoy hand-picked theater shows and day-trip experiences to places such as Windsor and Cambridge
  • Visit cultural gems, such as Wimbledon, Parliament and Kensington Palace


  • Email Professor Fila (fila@hope.edu) or Professor McMullen (mcmullen@hope.edu) to express your interest.
  • Information meetings are held late October/early November with details on program fees and tuition. Watch the Hope calendar and department website for specific dates and times. If you are a declared department major, watch for an email in your inbox.
  • Admission to the London May Term is on a competitive basis. Generally, a group of 14–16 students can participate each May.
  • Applications are due early December.  


“Studying abroad in London was an incredibly important experience for me. It serves as a huge opportunity for growth and development because it removes you from your typical comfort zone, forcing you to take a step back and truly analyze yourself. Submerging yourself in British culture broadens your knowledge and will teach you to think and live differently within your own culture.”
—Devin Cheaney, London May Term 2022 

“Through experiences with local business leaders, purposeful course work and candid conversations with classmates, I was able to interact with the British economy and culture firsthand in a way that would not have been possible in the normal classroom environment. Coming away from my experience, I am a more well-rounded and informed individual thanks to my experience on the London trip.”
—Eli Meder, London May Term 2022 

“After a lot of the self-reflection that takes place on the trip, I left with a better sense of who I wanted to be and the kind of impact I want to make.”
—Mitch Sambaer, London May Term 2022 

“It was a privilege to travel with classmates and professors and learn in an environment that is drastically different from the classroom we are used to. I learned so much from the business professionals we were introduced to and it expanded my understanding of what it means to find your calling in a business environment.”
—Madison Brechbuhler, London May Term 2019