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Vehicle Information:

The Hope College Transportation Department offers a variety of vehicles for faculty, staff, and certified student organization use. Reservations are based on availability and the type of vehicle best fit for the intended use. There are a limited number of vehicles, so please reserve early. If all College vehicles are reserved, other options may be pursued through an external rental agency dependent on availability.



Type: Honda Civic
Seating: (4) plus driver
Tank Size: 13.2 gallons
Estimated 29 MPG 

Mini Vans

Type: Honda Odysseys
Seating: (6) plus driver
Tank Size: 21 gallons
Estimated 22 MPG 






Type: GMC Savanas
Seating: (11) plus driver
Options: trailer hitch, handicap accessible, seat removal at $25/row
Tank Size: 31 gallons
Estimated 14-17 MPG 
There is no driver provided with this type of vehicle. Please make plans to have an authorized driver prior to making a reservation.



For questions regarding buses, please contact Kel Blom at 616-395-4947 or

Available: Several
Seating: Noted on the request form
Note: All bus rentals include a certified driver. A bus will be selected for you based upon availability, type of event, number of passengers and trip distance. Please note your pick-up time, pick-up location and destination on the request form.