/ Transportation Services

Van and Car Reservations

Transportation Services maintains a fleet of vehicles that are available for faculty, staff and student groups when conducting college-related business. 

Reservations are based on availability and the type of vehicle best fit for the intended use. There are a limited number of vehicles, so please reserve early. If all college vehicles are reserved, other options may be pursued through an external rental agency depending on availability.

In order to keep vehicles available for use by other departments, vehicles cannot be left at airports or parking areas during a trip. 

If you have questions about specific trip costs and scenarios, please contact us at 616.395.7075. After your trip, please fill out this feedback form to help us improve your experience for the next trip.

Vehicle Usage Policy

Qualified Hope College employees and students have several options for meeting their business and/or educational transportation needs. These options include the use of a Hope College motor pool vehicle, a commercial rental vehicle or personal vehicle. No matter which option is selected, students and personnel will be required to adhere to Hope’s Vehicle-Usage Policy.

Read the full Vehicle Usage Policy 

Rental Procedure

Requests must be made online through EMS.

Requests must be made at least two business days in advance to be considered. We honor first reservations as much as possible, so please reserve early.

In the event that all motor pool vehicles are booked or otherwiese unavailable, we can work with you to make other arrangements during business hours.

Enterprise is the preferred car rental supplier for Hope College. We have negotiated competitive rates that will remain consistent regardless of location or time. Please provide the representative with Contract ID #XZ20323 to receive the corporate rate. All charges will be the responsibility of the department or the individual renting the vehicle. You will be responsible for picking up and dropping off the vehicles.

For more information regarding this process, please call 616.395.7075.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle rental costs will be charged to your department or organization.

Your vehicle will have a full tank of gas when you pick it up. You are responsible for fuel costs for the duration of your reservation.

All motorpool vehicles are equipped with an IPASS for travel on participating toll roads.

If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before your trip, you will still be charged for the rental.

Hope College 5-psgr Honda CivicCompact and Full-Size (2 in Motorpool)

Cost: $37/day
Honda Civic or Honda Accord
Seating: 5-passenger capacity
Tank size: 13.2 gallon (Civic); 17.2 gallon (Accord)
Up to 26 city/34 highway (Civic); Up to 27 city/36 highway (Accord)


Hope College Honda OdysseyMinivan (6 in Motorpool)

Cost: $55/day
Honda Odyssey
Seating: 7-passenger capacity
Tank size: 21 gallon
MPG: Up to 17 city/25 highway


Hope College 12-psgr GMC Savana12-Passenger Van (9 in Motorpool)

Cost: $45/half day (five or fewer hours); $90/full day

Type: GMC Savana
Seating: 12-passenger capacity
Tank size: 31 gallon
MPG: Up to 11 city/17 highway
Dimensions: 224″ L x 79″ W x 84″ H
Extra options: Trailer hitch available, seat removal

Last-minute Reservations

During business hours, a vehicle may be obtained, if one is available. Availability is limited for such situations due to requirements for vehicle inspection, cleaning, fueling and maintenance.

No reservations will be granted after 5 p.m. or on the weekends.

Pick-up Location

For all reservations, keys will be picked up and dropped off at the Campus Safety office, 178 E. 11th St.

Motor pool vehicles are parked in Lot 52 in numbered spots, where they will be picked up and dropped off.

If you need to leave your personal vehicle overnight please do so in Lot 52 (unless told otherwise).

Available Drivers

To use a Hope College vehicle, you must meet the insurance standards of the college's insurance carrier. When signing out a vehicle, please bring your Hope College ID card. All faculty and staff members must bring a valid United States driver's license. All others, such as students or volunteer drivers, must bring a current and valid Hope College Driver Authorization Card.