/ Campus Print and Mail Services

Tips and Policies

Please allow a minimum of eight work hours to complete print orders. Very large orders and printing at the beginning of an academic term can require longer lead time. 

Printing to the Edge of the Paper (Bleed Edge)

To print your file to the edge of the paper, it will need to be designed in a special way. Please call us at x7185 or stop by Campus Print and Mail Services for detail instructions. Otherwise, all orders will be printed with an approximate 1/8" white margin.

Bleed Edge Cutting

All coursepacks must be reviewed through the Hope-Geneva Bookstore for copyright approval. If it is not being sold through the bookstore, be sure to attach the Copyright Approval Form. For more information, see the bookstore coursepacks page.  
PowerPoint – Printing Multiple Slides Per Page
Save the document with the correct number of slides per page. Also, be sure to request the number of slides per page in the notes section of the order form. 
Envelope Printing
  • Choose between blank #10 envelopes, #10 envelopes with the Hope College logo and return address, or supply your own envelopes in different sizes or styles
  • Files attached to an envelope print order must be the same size as the envelope itself
    • Ex: A #10 envelope is 4.125 inches by 9.5 inches, so the document you create will need to be that size as well
  • To create a #10 envelope-size Word document:
    • Create a new document
    • Go to the "Page Layout" tab, click on the "Size" drop down, and select “More Paper Sizes”
    • Select the #10 envelope size — if that option is not available, scroll all the way down to “Custom Size” and enter the correct width and height
Creating postcards in Microsoft Word
Creating a poster in Microsoft PowerPoint

For a clear, non-pixelated poster, create your poster in the size you want it printed. PowerPoint allows you to do that. It's important to start with the correct size (resolution) photos. If you need to reduce the size in PowerPoint, that will work — but you cannot increase the size of the picture without causing pixelation.

Reducing the size of a PDF
Ordering Proofs
We encourage you to order a proof prior to placing full orders that require exact spacing, cutting and folding. This will ensure your order is created to your specifications. 
Folding and Cutting Requirements
Most copiers, folders and cutters work within a tolerance of 1/16", so it is important for designers to keep this in mind while formatting projects. Text and images should be a minimum of 1/8" away from the cut edge. 
Folded and stapled booklets will need to be designed with pages in multiples of four.  
Image Resolution
  • Images should be at least 300 dpi.
  • If you download images from the web, they may look fine on your screen, as your screen is the same resolution as the image (72 dpi). However, images should be viewed at actual size to determine if there will be pixelation problems by zooming in at 100%.
When designing your project, please review Public Affairs and Marketing’s Brand Identity information for guidelines on logos, color palette, font and other standards. 
Need Assistance in Creating a Project? 
  • Public Affairs and Marketing provides creative services for select projects. Orders can be submitted through their project request form.
  • The Digital Media Lab, located on the second floor of Van Wylen Library, can provide guidance in formatting and design.
Orders for Outside Businesses and Off-Campus Organizations
Per the Hope College Technology Usage Policy, we are unable to print orders for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses. Campus Print and Mail Services may not be used for commercial or contract purposes unrelated to the direct business of the college. Any/all use of Hope College technology resources to advance a not-for-profit or political organization must be approved in advance by Computing and Information Technology as well as the appropriate divisional head. Use of college technology resources to advance initiatives, positions or conversations that are contrary to Hope College’s interests is prohibited.
Personal Orders
  • Personal print orders are accepted through Campus Print and Mail Services. To order, submit a job.
  • Make sure to click Edit Site Information when placing a personal order. Faculty and staff should click on Employee Personal Printing rather than a department or office. Students should select Hope College Student as their site.
  • Payment must be received at the time of pick up.
  • College-related orders have priority over the printing of personal orders.
  • If you have any other questions, see our FAQ and Examples for more information.
Copyrighted Material
The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person submitting the print request may be liable for infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfilling the order would involve violation of copyright law. See Print and Mail Service's FAQ and Examples document for more information, or visit Hope College's Copyrighted Materials guidelines to learn more.