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Registration and Schedules

Registration takes a lot of planning. Prepare ahead of time by following the steps below.


All new students will first need to apply for admission to Hope and pay the deposit before they can register. If you are a dual-enrolled high school student or other non-degree-seeking student, you need reapply through Admissions for each semester you wish to attend.

The instructions below are for fall and spring registration. There is a different process for summer registration.


If you are currently studying off campus, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office with instructions on how to register for the next semester. You should still follow the steps below to make sure you register for the right courses to stay on track to graduate.

If you have been approved to study on an off-campus program for the next semester, the Registrar’s Office will handle your registration for you. We receive the list of approved students from the program directors.


Once you have been admitted, every semester, you will receive an email regarding registration. If you are a currently-enrolled, degree-seeking student, you will be able to check your registration time on your plus.hope.edu account — times will be posted in March for fall registration and October for spring registration.

Incoming transfer students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office about registration for their first semester (early May for fall, and late November for spring). Incoming first-year students will be registered by the Registrar’s Office based on the completion of their registration worksheet.

  1. Log into your plus.hope.edu account
  2. Click “Registrar and Student Accounts”
  3. Click “Registration”
  4. Click “Registration Status”
  5. Select the term you are registering for (not the current term)

The date and time listed under “From” is the earliest time you may register. The “To” time is the last time you may register in your normal registration group (you may still register in the Registrar's Office after your time has passed).


You must resolve any holds listed on your plus.hope.edu account before you can register. If you have a hold, you may not be able to register for classes. To look up holds:

  1. Log on to your plus.hope.edu account
  2. Click "Registrar and Student Accounts"
  3. Click "Registration"
  4. Click "Registration Status" and select the term for which you will be registering
  5. If you have no holds, it will say "You have no holds which prevent registration." If you have holds, it will say so, and you will need to click "View Holds" at the bottom of the page to find out what they are.

Below is a list of offices that manage different types of holds. Contact the appropriate office to talk about resolving the hold. If you have financial holds, and you pay your balance online, you still need to contact Business Services after you pay to ask them to remove the hold.


You’ll need to contact the office listed for the following holds:

Business Services
  • Financial
  • Former Student
  • Monthly Payments Past Due
  • Social Security Number Not Reported
Health Clinic
  • Health Hold
Student Development
  • Behavior Hold
Registrar’s Office
  • No Major Declared
  • Transfer Student Missing Transcript
  • Registrar Hold


Planning ahead by completing the steps in the menus below will make for a smoother registration process. Classes fill up quickly, so it is important to have course alternates. If you are a non-degree-seeking student, you will only need to complete the “check the class schedule” step, then follow the instructions you receive from the Registrar's Office.


Run a degree audit to see what general education and major/minor requirements you’ve completed and what you still need to complete. Print this out to bring to your advising meeting. This will help you make sure you’re on track for graduation.


Review the general education requirements for your degree and bring a copy with you to your advising meeting. These requirements need to be completed for all students.


Check the class schedule for your desired courses. Choose first-choice and alternate courses. You will need alternates in case any of your first choices fill up before you register. Use a schedule planner to avoid time conflicts.


Schedule a time to meet with your advisor during pre-registration advising. During this time, your advisor will help you plan your schedule for next semester and give you your signed registration form or online registration PIN:

  1. Bring your printed degree audit, schedule planner with your course ideas and a list of any questions you have.
  2. Some courses require prerequisites or corequisites as described in the class schedule and Hope College Catalog. Be sure to talk to your advisor about any prerequisite requirements for courses you want to take. If you have not fulfilled the prereqs but still want to take the course, you need to get a signed prerequisite/corequisite override form from the course instructor or the department chair in order to register for that course.
  3. Collect your signed registration form or PIN from your advisor.

Note that if you have recently completed a major declaration form that has not yet been processed by the Registrar's Office, but you have already been assigned a registration time, your previous advisor will have your PIN/registration form. You can still meet with your new advisor, but you will need to retreive your registration materials from your previous one.

If you have not yet declared a major or are thinking about switching majors, some departments offer pre-registration group advising sessions. Meeting times of these sessions will be posted in late September.

If you know you cannot register during registration week (due to holds, etc.), you still must meet with your advisor to make sure you are choosing the right courses to stay on track for graduation.

Even if you know which classes you want to take and are completely prepared for registration, you still need to meet with your advisor so that you can get your registration PIN or signed registration form.


A registration PIN is used to access the “Register for Classes” section in plus.hope.edu for online registration and guided online registration. This PIN is different than the PIN you use to log in to plus.hope.edu. Registration PINs expire at the time specified in your plus.hope.edu account.

If you are participating in online registration, you will receive your registration PIN from your primary academic advisor when you meet during pre-registration advising.

If you are registering at guided online registration, you will receive a signed registration form from your advisor during pre-registration advising. Complete this form with your advisor, including all classes for which you want to register, plus alternate courses. Be sure to get your advisor’s signature and bring it with you to registration. The form must be completed in full before you can register for classes. You will then receive your registration PIN when you arrive at registration and show staff your completed registration form.

An email with details about your registration group will be sent to you about a month before registration week. Guided online/in person registration only occurs for spring class registration; for fall class registration, all current degree-seeking students register online.


Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites that need to be fulfilled before you can register for the class:

  • Prerequisites are courses that must be taken before you can register for the course. You will still be able to add the class to your schedule if you are currently taking the prerequisite course, or registered for it for a summer term at Hope. Some prerequisites have grade restrictions, so check the Hope College Catalog and your unofficial transcript before registering.
  • Corequisites are courses that must be taken during the same semester, such as lectures, labs and discussions.

If you want to take a class without having met the prerequisite or without taking the corequisite, you must obtain a prerequisite/corequisite override form or email permission from the instructor or the department. The exception to this is if you are repeating one of a set of corequisite courses to improve your grade: simply come to the Registrar’s Office, and we will verify that you previously took the course and override the error.

If you’re taking a prerequisite course at another college, you need to get a signed prerequisite/corequisite override form before you can register for the advanced course. You are responsible for making sure your official transcript from the other college is sent to Hope as soon as your grade is posted, so that the credit can be added to your record. If you do not send your final graded transcript, you may be dropped from the course.

Once you have permission, bring it to the Registrar’s Office or to guided online registration in person. Simply obtaining permission will not allow you to register yourself for the course online. Registrar’s Office staff will add you to the class or place you on a wait list, if there is one.

A prerequisite/corequisite override form is not required once drop/add has begun. You can get permission to add the class via the drop/add process, which will guarantee you a spot in the class, regardless of your prerequisite or corequisite status.


Some courses on the class schedule will be listed as “PERMISSION” with a description reading, “Written permission of instructor required.” You need permission from the instructor in order to register for these classes. Once you have permission, bring it to the Registrar’s Office, or to in person or guided online registration. Simply obtaining permission will not allow you to register yourself for the course online. Registrar’s Office staff will add you to the class.


You need to meet with the Registrar to get permission.


If you are a currently-enrolled, degree-seeking student, when and how you register is based on your earned credits, not including classes you are currently taking. The more earned credits you have, the sooner you register.

For registration for spring classes, there are two registration groups: online and guided online. Your registration group will depend on your earned credits and student status. First-year students and students with less than 20 earned credits register at guided online registration. All other students register themselves through online registration.

For registration for fall classes, all students register online.

Do not miss class to register at your beginning registration time. Registration is not a valid excuse to skip class or leave early. Register when you leave class, or as soon as you are able.

If you are an incoming readmit, transfer or non-degree-seeking student, you will receive a separate email about your registration from the Registrar’s Office. Only readmits who have paid deposits prior to registration week will register at the same time as current students.


Your assigned registration time is the first time you are allowed to register online, but you can register online or make schedule changes any time until your PIN expires.

If you have special permission or prerequisite/corequisite override forms for courses, you will need to bring those forms or emails to the Registrar’s Office after you register for all your other classes online. These permissions will not enable you to register yourself for these classes online.

If you are unable to register online before your registration PIN expires, you can register in the Registrar’s Office as soon as you are able. Get instructions for registering online.


Bring a laptop with you, if you have one. Otherwise, you may use one of the provided desktop computers.

You may arrive at or after your assigned registration time. When you arrive, we will check your completed and signed registration form, then give you your registration PIN. You may then sit and register through your plus.hope.edu account. There will be printed instructions and Registrar’s Office staff will be present to help. You may also review the online registration instructions ahead of time, if you wish.

If you have special permission for courses, show those forms or emails to registration staff after you register for all your other courses. These permissions will not enable you to register yourself for these classes online.

After you leave guided online registration, you may still make schedule changes on your own until your PIN expires. However, be careful — if you drop a class, it might not be open anymore if you decide you want to add it again later.

If you can't make it to guided online registration at your registration time, you may still come any time until 5 p.m. Friday. After that, you can register in the Registrar's Office.


Below are common errors you might see when registering online. Let the Registrar's Office know if you need help troubleshooting any issues.

You may register during the following times
  • You have tried to register too early or too late for classes. Check your registration time on plus.hope.edu. If you have missed your online registration time and have no holds and have met with your advisor, come to the Registrar’s Office to get registered.
No Registration Time Ticket
  • Make sure you selected the correct registration term. Log out, log back in and select the term you want to register for, not the current term.
  • If you applied to graduate, you will not have a time ticket assigned for terms beyond your graduation date. Contact Liz Steenwyk to change your graduation date.
Closed - 000 WAITLISTED
  • This class is full and you have the option to add yourself to the wait list. Read the wait list procedures below to ensure that you correctly place yourself on the wait list.
Time Conflict with CRN XXXXX
  • There is a time conflict with the listed class. Choose a different section or course. If you wish to override the conflict, first register for all other courses online, then obtain permission from both instructors of the classes involved with the time conflict. Bring your permissions to the Registrar’s Office to register for those classes.
Linked Course Required
  • You probably forgot to add the required discussion and/or lab section of the class. Check the class schedule for linked course requirements and add all CRNs required before clicking “Submit Changes.”
Prerequisite not met. Unable to register for course.
  • You have not met the prerequisite requirement outlined in the Hope College Catalog. You will need to choose a different course or obtain a prerequisite/corequisite override form.
Instructor Signature
  • You need permission from the instructor of the class before you can register for it. Bring your permission (email or signed permission slip) to the Registrar’s Office after you register for all your other classes.
Corequisite Required
  • There is a corresponding course that you need to register for as well, as outlined in the Hope College Catalog. You will need to add all CRNs for corequisites at the same time and then click “Submit Changes.” If you wish to only take one of the courses, you will need to obtain a prerequisite/corequisite override form.
  • If wish to repeat one of a set of corequisite courses to improve your grade, you do not need an override — simply come to the Registrar’s Office, and we will verify that you've taken it previously, then add it to your schedule.
Field of study restriction
  • You must be the declared major as outlined for that course in the Hope College Catalog. If you need to declare your major, you can complete a major declaration form or pick up a paper copy in the Registrar’s Office. Otherwise, you will need permission from the instructor.
Class Standing (FR, SO, JR, SR) Restriction
  • You do not have enough earned credits to register for this course. You need to choose a different course or receive permission from the instructor.


During registration, courses may close, but you can add yourself to the wait list. After registration, the wait lists are reviewed by the departments, and the departments determine who may add the class from the wait list.

Drop/add forms should not be signed or given to Registrar’s Office staff during the wait list period. Please honor this time and do not contact professors about adding or dropping courses.


If you are registering online, you can add your name to a wait list for any closed class during your online registration time. Follow these steps to make sure you correctly add yourself to the wait list:

  1. Click the drop down arrow and select “Wait List” (under the “Action” section of your “Current Schedule”).
  2. If you see “000” it means there are no students currently on the wait list. If you see “001” it means there is one student currently on the wait list, so you will be second on the wait list once you click “Submit Changes.”
  3. Be sure to click “Submit Changes.” If you do not, you will not be added to the wait list.

To make sure you are on the wait list, check your schedule. Classes for which you are on the wait list are marked “Wait Listed.”


Departments review their wait lists.


If you placed yourself on a wait list, you will receive an email notification about the status of your wait listed course(s). The email will have detailed instructions on how to proceed. No changes are made to your schedule without your approval.


If you were given permission to add a wait listed course, you must come to the Registrar’s Office to add the class. You will not be registered for the class unless you come to our office during this time. During the same visit, you may drop other courses to add the wait listed course.


Wait lists are purged. The Registrar’s Office does not maintain wait lists after this time. Course instructors may keep wait lists for drop/add, if they choose.


There is no guarantee you’ll be accepted into the class if you’re on the wait list. Departments try very hard to accommodate students who need a specific course. However, each department handles wait lists independently, so it is very hard to accurately advise the likelihood of acceptance.

If you are on a wait list, we highly recommend that you register for an alternate class — one you should have selected when planning for registration. If you are not accepted from the wait list and cannot find another class, seek help from your advisor, major/minor department or the Registrar’s Office.

To be considered a full-time student you must be registered for at least 12 credits. Most students enroll in 14–16 semester credits in order to graduate in four years.


Beginning on Wednesday, November 22, you may drop and add spring 2018 courses without academic penalty until the second week of the semester. Class availability generally shifts after the wait list period, so make sure you check the class schedule for classes that have opened up. To find out how to drop or add a course, follow the drop/add procedures listed here.


FIRST-HALF COURSES Wednesday, January 17
FULL-SEMESTER COURSES Wednesday, January 17
LAST-HALF COURSES Thursday, March 8


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