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Thursday, April 22, 2010

CFL Partnership Highlighted

The Center for Faithful Leadership was highlighted in a recent newsletter of the NW Allegan County Chapter of Love INC. LdOUT (pronounced lÄ"ad out) is a partnership of Love INC and the Center for Faithful Leadership at Hope College with student groups at Hamilton High School and Middle School and area youth leaders or church members. LdOUT is designed to help teach and equip young people to be leaders today.

Hope College students enrolled in the Center for Faithful Leadership have developed a leadership curriculum which will be taught to the Student Leadership Connection at Hamilton High School. These students will apply this material as they identify and work to solve a school or community problem of their choosing. Upon completing their training, the high school students will revise and re-teach the leadership curriculum to a leadership group at Hamilton Middle School. The Middle School group will use this material to identify and work to solve a different school or community problem.


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