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Special Programs and Opportunities

A number of opportunities are available to students outside of classrooms and studios, including the annual juried show and the senior show in the De Pree Gallery. A variety of scholarships, awards, paid faculty-student research opportunities, internships and off-campus study opportunities are available to majors.

Annual Juried Student Show

The De Pree Gallery features an annual Juried Student Show every fall semester. All Hope students, not just art majors, are invited to submit work in any media. The exhibition is juried by an outside juror selected by the faculty. The juror will speak select work for the exhibition and then give a talk about the works selected. The juror will also speak at the opening reception on their own personal work and methodologies. Works in the juried show can range from black and white photography to acrylic painting to mixed-media sculpture.

Art Department Awards

The art department gives annual awards to students who show exceptional promise while in the department.

2019 Award Winners
  • Brianna Derfiny ’18 — Herman Miller Award
  • Holle Wade ’20 & Sylvia Rodriguez ’21 — Herrel George Thomas Scholarship
  • Nina Kay ’19 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Kelly Ocock ’19 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Lauren Fogg ’20 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Mitch VanAcker'20 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Caleigh White ’20 & Hannah Bugg ’20 — Stanley Harrington Award
  • Maddie Zimmerman ’20— John M. Wilson Art History Award
2018 Award Winners
  • Hannah Jacobs ’18 — Herman Miller Award
  • Emily Lindbloom ’20 — Herrel George Thomas Scholarship
  • Brianne Munch ’18 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Bri Derfiny ’19 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Audrey Salata ’19 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Kelly Ocock ’19 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Cherish Joe ’20 & Krisia Rosa ’20 — Stanley Harrington Award
  • Maddie Zimmerman ’20— John M. Wilson Art History Award
2017 Award Winners
  • Olivia Lauritsen ’17 — Herman Miller Award
  • Hannah Jacobs ’18 & Julia Hines '18 — Herrel George Thomas Scholarship
  • Emily Branca ’17 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Peter Anderson ’17 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Elizabeth Stuart ’18 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Carolyn Ellis ’18 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Audrey Salata ’19 — Stanley Harrington Award
  • XiaoYu Fang ’17— John M. Wilson Art History Award
2016 Award Winners
  • Rian Sayre ’16 — Herman Miller Award
  • Katie Jaderholm ’16 — Herrel George Thomas Scholarship
  • Joy Rhine ’17 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Olivia Lauritsen ’17 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Mariah Hunt ’16 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Evan Rodgers ’16 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Katie Kooiker — Stanley Harrington Award
  • Maxine Terry — John M. Wilson Art History Award
2015 Award Winners
  • Aaron Estelle ’15, Monica Dwyer ’15 — Herrel George Thomas Scholarship
  • Erin Schregardus ’16 — John M. Wilson Art History Award
  • Stephanie Harron ’15 — Herman Miller Award
  • Mariah Hunt ’16 & Monica Czechowicz '16 - Jon F. Kay Award
  • Elizabeth Jaros '15 & Stephanie Harron ’15 — Jon F. Kay Award
  • Rian Sayre ’16 — Stanley Harrington Art Award

Distinguished Artist Award

The Distinguished Artist Award (DAA)  is awarded to incoming first-year students. It is renewable for four years, if individual department requirements are met. The DAA is awarded to students with strong academic records and outstanding creative abilities in art, dance, music, theater or creative writing. This award provides eligible students with $3,000 each year towards their college costs.

Apply for the Distinguished Artist Award 

Student-Faculty Research and Collaboration

Art students may participate in student-faculty research and collaboration during the school year or over the summer. In some cases, student-faculty teams present their work at summer research luncheons and, in the case of artistic projects, in a venue in the Holland area or on campus. Contact the art department for more information about the Borgeson Scholar program or other research and collaboration opportunities.

Off-Campus Study

International study and travel are strongly recommended during every student’s time at Hope. Some of the most popular destinations for art students include Paris, Nantes, Rennes and Dakar (Senegal).

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