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Online Teaching Tools

Your 1Hope Account gives you access to several great tools that make teaching possible online.

Screen Recording

There isn't a “correct way” to create videos, just like there's not just one way to create and present a lecture. There are lots of ways to capture your screen, edit it, and distribute it to students!

See options for recording and editing videos 

Real-Time Video Collaboration

Google Meet

Google Meet logo Google Meet is a free web-based videoconferencing tool, and is the easiest way to give your lecture online in real-time. When you schedule an event in Google Calendar logo Google Calendar and invite participants, a new Google Meet call will be associated with that event.

See more information about Google Meet 


Zoom logo Zoom is a third-party service that CIT maintains a license pool for. If you're looking for advanced live-streaming features or are hosting a public event, Zoom may be a good choice for you.

See more information about Zoom 


Moodle logo Moodle is an incredibly powerful and flexible learning tool for interacting with your class. You can create online exams, distribute documents, direct your class towards external links and resources, and so much more.

See our Moodle Help page for more information 

Google Drive

Your 1Hope Account comes with a huge amount of storage with Google Drive logo Google Drive. It's a fantastic collaboration tool and a great way to keep your files organized, on- or off-campus.

See our Google Drive page for more information Instructions on moving from the U: Drive (Red) to Google Drive 

GSuite Learning Center

Google publishes an enormous amount of guides and help articles about Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and much more in the GSuite Learning Center. We highly recommend you take a look and learn about the wealth of tools we have at our disposal with our 1Hope Accounts.

Visit the GSuite Learning Center