Our goal is to come alongside you and your technology to enable you to do your best work. CIT is here to help.


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Are you getting a lot of pop-ups lately? Is your computer running slow? Macbook giving you a sad face? We can help! While we can't promise that we can fix every issue, we have trained staff on hand for you.

Diagnosis and minor fix-ups are free to all Hope College employees and students.

Computer drop off hours are during CIT's regular business hours which are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Diagnosis and repair times vary depending on the time of the year.


Microsoft will allow you to use a copy of Office for free as long as you're affiliated with Hope College. For more information about the program, sign up with your @hope.edu email address here:

Office 365 for Students 

Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription program that includes both the desktop Office programs that you know and love, and online Office (similar to Google Docs).

The desktop versions of Office are available for Windows PCs and macOS computers. The online version of Office 365 works in the web browser on any computer, including Google Chromebooks.


New PCs usually come with a free trial of antivirus. When that trial runs out, you should either pay to continue the subscription or uninstall it and use a free antivirus from Microsoft.

Windows 10/11 has built-in antivirus called Windows Defender. We recommend using this. Windows Defender will activate automatically when you remove any other antivirus programs.

As an added layer of protection, we also recommend an anti-malware program called Malwarebytes for Windows and macOS. It's free if you run the scans manually.


Lab Printing

Every residence hall on campus has a black-and-white laserjet printer. You are free to print black-and-white documents responsibly. Here's how to add your lab printer to your personal computer.

Library Printing

The library offers high-speed printing on the 1st and 2nd floor. You are free to print black-and-white documents responsibly from the library computers, or add the library printers to your personal computer.

The Library Digital Media Lab

If you need more than simple black-and-white copies, stop by the Digital Media Lab in the Library. They can help you with color copies, special paper, lamination, poster printing and much more!

Print and Mail Services

For large or complicated jobs, Print and Mail Services can help you out. Visit their website for more information on services offered, or skip right to submitting a job!


Looking to see if your smart devices will work on Hope College's network?

Check out our device network compatibility list 


Retiring? Graduating? Email accounts are provided for current Hope College students and employees only. Find out how to transfer your Hope emails, documents, and more to your personal account.

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