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Moodle Help

Looking for some Moodle how-tos? Start here! If you don't find what you need, just email cit@hope.edu. Be sure to include the course number if applicable!

The Basics

Moodle is our system here at Hope for distributing materials to students, collecting assignments, giving out quizzes and tests, recording grades, and much more! Faculty and students are automatically added to Moodle courses when they are enrolled by the registrar. Learn more about how to set up your courses with the resources below.

Cloning Courses

You have the ability to back up the entirety of a Moodle course as one downloaded file, then restore it to another course. This is useful for moving from semester to semester, or for sharing previous courses with colleagues.

Video walkthrough for cloning a Moodle course Written instructions for cloning a Moodle course 

CIT is happy to provide extra help if you need it. Email us with the course numbers if you would like assistance (for example: "Clone Econ-403-01 Spring 2022 to Econ-403-01 Fall 2022").

Other How Tos