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Looking for some Moodle how-tos? Start here! If you don't find what you need, just email cit@hope.edu or visit the Moodle help forum.

The Basics

Moodle is our system here at Hope for distributing materials to students, collecting assignments, giving out quizzes and tests, recording grades, and much more! Faculty and students are automatically added to Moodle courses when they are enrolled by the registrar. Learn more about how to set up your courses with the resources below.

Moodle Basics Videos

Moodle Basics 01 - Navigation
Moodle Basics 02 - Best Practices with Blocks
Moodle Basics 03 - Course Settings
Moodle Basics 04 - Getting Help
Moodle Basics 05 - The Announcement Forum
Moodle Basics 06 - Course Elements Editing
Moodle Basics 07 - The Text Editor
Moodle Basics 08 - Activity AutoLinking Filter
Moodle Basics 09 - Adding Images
Moodle Basics 10 - Best Practices for Audio and Video
Moodle Basics 11 - Adding Documents
Moodle Basics 12 - Looking at Moodle from Your Students' Point of View
Moodle Basics 13 - Hiding Gradebook Grades Until A Certain Date
Moodle Basics 14 - First Look at the Gradebook
Moodle Basics 15 - Weighting Items in Gradebook
Moodle Basics 16 - Adding Gradebook Categories
Moodle Basics 17 - More Fun With Gradebook Categories
Moodle Basics 18 - Weighted Grades and Categories
Moodle Basics 19 - Assure Your Grade Aggregation is "Natural"

Additional Resources from Moodle

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Adding an Assignment
video thumbnail
Adding a URL
video thumbnail
Course Reports
video thumbnail
Adding a Choice (Poll)
video thumbnail
video thumbnail
video thumbnail
Adding a Book

Other How Tos