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Campus Phones

Hope's campus phones are powered by a hybrid VoIP and Analog system. Here's everything you need to know!

The Phones

Regular Single-Line Phones
Your existing desk phone works with the new phone system! Your dialing procedures (such as "dialing 8" to dial off-campus) remain the same. Long-distance codes are no longer needed. Don't forget to set up voicemail!
VoIP Single-Line Phones
A small desk phone with the numbers under the headset

Some places on campus are hard to reach with traditional phone lines, such as the Plaza on 8th Street. These places will use the Mitel 5304.

  1. It is much simpler and much easier to navigate than the old phone interface
  2. CallerID will work for all inter-campus calls, and for now, will show the extension of the caller. In the future, this may change to show a name.
  3. You will have two buttons that you can program to be custom speed dials
VoIP Multi-Line Phones

A desk phone with a small screenA desk phone with a small screen and lots of buttons on the right side

Users with multi-line phones have received a new Mitel 6920 phone. Departments that keep track of lots of phone numbers may have also received a "sidecar", which has an additional 28 buttons and attaches to the right of the phone.

To make changes to buttons or speed dials on your phone, click the Request a Change button in the top right of this page.

Printable Cheat Sheet for the Mitel 6920 without Sidecar 

Printable Cheat Sheet for the Mitel 6920 with Sidecar 

Mitel 6920 Additional Instructions 

The Voicemail System

If you haven't yet, set up your greeting. Dial 7300 to get started. The default passcode is 1111, which you will be prompted to change during setup.

To set up or check voicemail for your number: Press the voicemail button if you have one, dial 7300 while on-campus, or 616.395.7300 while off-campus.

To set up or check voicemail for any number: Dial 7300 while on-campus or 616.395.7300 while off-campus, and when the voice starts speaking, press the * key, enter the extension you want to check, and press * again.

Note: If the number rings and never gets to voicemail, we may not have correctly set up voicemail box for that extension. Contact cit@hope.edu and let us know which extension this is happening on.

Printable Voicemail Cheat Sheet Card 

What We Could Do Someday

The main reason we moved to this hybrid system was to mitigate the risk of something inevitably happening to our old system. With this upgrade, we tried to take an approach that would be as minimally disruptive and as cost-effective as possible. With that in mind, this new system will possibly enable us to someday improve things like Caller ID, voicemails that arrive via email, ringing multiple phones at once that have the same number, and maybe even a directory of numbers on the phone itself. We are actively and intermittently testing some new features.