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Leaving the College

We're sorry to see you go, and we're grateful for your time at Hope College. We have a couple of technology considerations for you that may be helpful as you transition away from Hope.

Your 1Hope Account

Email accounts are provided for current Hope College employees and students only. When you graduate, withdraw or otherwise leave the college, your account expires. Unfortunately, we cannot provide 1Hope Accounts to former employees or to non-students, even for a fee. The only exception to this is retirees who have applied for emmeritus status, whose benefits are detailed below.

Most people prefer to use an existing Google Account (or to create a new Google Account) upon leaving the college. This free account includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and lots more.


Accounts are deleted shortly after an employee leaves the college, or for students, at the start of the next term after a student leaves. For example, if you graduate in May, your student account will be deleted in the Fall. This also applies to students who are withdrawing from Hope — even on a temporary basis. If you were to re-enroll in classes, new accounts will be created when you return. If your account is slated for deletion, you will receive an e-mail from CIT several weeks in advance so that you may transfer your messages to a new account.

Even if you're walking in the graduation ceremony, but will be taking classes this summer or next semester, your accounts with Hope College will remain active until you stop taking classes. If your name appears on upcoming enrollment reports, you will continue to have an e-mail account.

If you are not graduating from Hope and are actively enrolled in classes for May Term, June Term, Summer Term or the subsequent spring/fall semester, your accounts will not be deleted.

What files need to be transferred to others at Hope?

  • You have many options for transferring ownership of Google Drive files to another 1Hope Account
  • For employees, files in your personal folder on the U: (“Red”, or “the Shared Drive”) will be deleted by CIT, unless you specify that you’d like us to transfer them to someone else
  • Anything in your “My Drive” that you are the owner of will be deleted when your account is deleted

What files do you need to move to a personal account?

  • You can bulk transfer all personal Gmail emails and/or all Google Drive files with the Takeout Transfer Tool
    • This can take up to a couple of days, so plan ahead
    • If you get an error, open a New Incognito Window and try again there
  • Consider setting up an email vacation responder and turning on email forwarding
  • Changing the owner of a folder in Google Drive does not change the ownership of all of its contents

You can export and import your Google Calendar events into a personal Google account

You can export and import your contacts into a personal Google account

Students, if you are considering applying for grad school, they often want syllabi from your courses at Hope. We recommend saving all of those in a folder now, since you won't have access to Moodle after your account is deleted. Faculty and Staff, make sure that any files that you want and have uploaded directly to Moodle are downloaded to your computer.

From now on, you’ll log into plus.hope.edu with the “Enter Secure Area for Former Students and Former Employees” link, not the “Enter Secure Area” link. Make sure that you’re able to do this now. You may need to “Forgot PIN?” and set one if you don’t know your six-digit PIN.

You may also want to consider removing your bank account information if you set up direct deposit while you were here. Hope College doesn’t need to save that after you receive your final paycheck.

You may have signed up for accounts over the years where the email on that account is currently set to your 1Hope email address. Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, banking, etc. to make sure that you're using your new email address. CIT strongly recommends separating your personal and work addresses as a general principle.

In particular, please log into your Apple iCloud Account and remove any Hope-owned devices. Features such as Activation Lock can render a macOS or iOS device unusable, and if Hope owns that equipment, we'll need you to unlock them before leaving the college.

College Employees

Do you have any files saved on the Desktop or Documents folders of your Hope-issued computer? What about anywhere else? Any programs that don’t sync to the cloud, and save data locally? We will take your computer and securely wipe it to be used by somebody else upon your departure, so be sure to save anything that you’d like to keep.

On your last day at Hope College, please gather your computer with all chargers, mice, and other accessories. You may either leave them on your desk, or drop them off at the CIT office in Durfee Hall.

Retiree Benefits

  • Retired faculty and staff at Hope who have worked for at least 10 years have the option to keep their 1Hope email account. Any other additional accounts, such as Zoom, Microsoft Office, and other resources that the college pays for are subject to no longer be supported.
  • Retirees may, for the time being, also optionally request to manually be added to the distribution list for Hope Daily
  • CIT can continue to help you with technology assistance. Please contact the Help Desk via email or phone call at 616.395.7670 if you have questions.

New Computer Recommendations

In case you’re now in the market for a new computer, CIT has several recommendations and guidelines in the Personal Devices section of our website. If you’d like us to offer suggestions or advice, don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at 616.395.7670!