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Conference Calls

Google Meet can host your conference call, even if every participant is dialing in from a traditional phone.

We recommend Google Meet for phoneline conference calls

Google Meet calls are automatically created when you make a Google Calendar event and invite another person, or just by going straight to meet.google.com and clicking "Start a new meeting". Participants can then dial in on any phone, or join on their computer by clicking the link. It's free and easy!

Try Google Meet 

Traditional Phoneline Conference Calls

If for some reason you still need to use the legacy paid conference call system available from our telephone provider, we can help you get that scheduled.

Schedule a Traditional Phoneline Conference Call 

Leader Instructions

  • Dial 866.283.9261 (U.S. Domestic), or
    Dial 518.203.2716 (International)
  • Enter Conference Code 6163957467#
    Pound key must be entered at the end of the Conference Code.
  • Enter Leader PIN *XXXX#. This is the code you will get from CIT after scheduling your call with the form above.
    Pound key must be entered at the end of the Leader PIN.

Participant Instructions

  • Dial 866.283.9261 (U.S. Domestic), or
    Dial 518.203.2716 (International)
  • Enter Conference Code 6163957467#
    Pound key must be entered at the end of the Conference Code.

Technical Support

Dial *0 at any time during your call, or call 800.605.9277 from another phone.