/ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Hope has a long and rich history of undergraduate student-faculty research. See where you can join the tradition and break new scientific ground.

Hope College is a national leader in undergraduate research. The biochemistry program is no exception as we offer multiple areas for you to experience research hands-on. 

Current Research Projects

Biochemistry Research

Burnatowska-Hledin Group

Chase Group

  • Regulation of Cystine/Glutamate Exchange by System xc-. Led by Leah A. Chase.

Dittenhafer-Reed Group

Pikaart Group

  • Protein-DNA Interactions in the Developing Red Blood Cell and Interference by Toxic Metals. Led by Dr. Michael J. Pikaart.

Summer Research Group

Hope’s Summer Undergraduate Research Function (SURF) program is among the largest summer research programs in the country in natural and applied sciences among liberal arts institutions. Unlike student research opportunities during the academic year, SURF is a paid research program, so you will not receive credit.