/ Residential Life and Housing

Living on Campus

Hope College is a residential college. We are committed, by choice, to be a living learning community.

This means that the residential environment directly connects to the mission of the college and a student’s persistence, engagement in learning activities, and their sense of safety and belonging.

Therefore, all students who are enrolled and pursuing an on-campus degree and taking 12 credits or more (including online courses), must live in college-owned housing their first three years.

The college recognizes that there are conditions where an exemption may be considered. These are:

  • Student is 23 years old at the start of the academic year
  • Student is married with proof of marriage
  • Custodial parent of a minor child
  • Special circumstances that you feel warrant consideration for an exemption
  • An assessed condition as defined by ADA and verified by Disability and Accessibility Resources Office where an accommodation may not be met in on-campus housing

Each application will be reviewed by either the Residential Living Policy Review Committee or the Disability and Accessibility Resources Office, as part of a collaborative process to determine whether the request for an exemption or accommodation can be met. All requests should be accompanied with any documentation that is supportive.

Students are strongly advised not to make contractual agreements or financial commitments in the community before receiving full approval for an exemption. All notifications (approval or otherwise) will be sent to the student via their Hope College email from the respective offices (Housing or Disability and Accessibility Resources). Students should not assume approval before receiving notification of approval.

To apply for an exemption from the residential requirement, please select the one of the following that best fit your needs.

Approved exemptions are for the requested academic year only. If needed, students will need to reapply each year they need an exemption.

Questions concerning the Residential Living Policy can be directed to the Student Development Office by calling 616.395.7800 or emailing sdev@hope.edu.