A social experience that provides students with opportunities to lead, serve in the community and establish lifelong friendships.


Alpha Gamma Phi - ΑΓΦ
Alpha Phi Zeta - AΦZ
Delta Phi - ΔΦ
Kappa Beta Phi - ΚΒΦ
Sigma Iota Beta - ΣΙΒ
Sigma Sigma - ΣΣ
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Chi Phi Sigma - XΦΣ
Omicron Kappa Epsilon - ΟΚΕ
Phi Kappa Alpha - ΦKA
Phi Sigma Kappa - ΦΣK
Phi Tau Nu - ΦΤΝ
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Greek members

The Greek Mission

Greek Life enriches the lives of Hope students through faithful student leadership, academic and social accountability, and commitment to service. We strive to foster holistic personal development and lifelong relationships and connections.


Pretty much everything. Whatever organization or club you decide to join, you can almost always count on a Greek member being there.

Simply speaking, being Greek means having a presence in Hope's community. Greeks are involved in:

  • Dance Marathon (founded by Greek members in 2000)
  • SAC
  • Athletics
  • Volunteer Services
  • Pull
  • Nykerk
  • Orientation
  • Worship team
  • Theatre
  • Tour guides
  • Student Congress
  • WTHS radio station
  • The Anchor
  • Phelps scholars
  • Multicultural Student Organizations
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Study abroad programs
  • Honors societies

(as well as countless other organizations)

Hope by the Numbers

  • 704Active Members in Greek Life

    More than 700 students are actively involved in Greek Life at Hope College.

    Learn how to join
  • 5Fraternities at Hope

    With the exception of one national organization, 4 of Hope's 5 fraternities are local. Their letters, values and histories are only found on Hope's campus.

  • 6Sororities at Hope

    Hope's six sororities are local organizations. Their letters, values and histories are only found on our campus.

  • 1Greek body

    Sororities and fraternities unite together on Hope's campus as one Greek body. Greek is good.